Idiot Fleeing Police Tries To Throw Marijuana Out Closed Car Window and Coats Himself in Drugs [Video]

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(Photo: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

(Photo: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

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I was gonna ditch my WEED, but then I got HIGH…

What began as a routine attempt to pull over a driver, for a license plate violation, quickly became a very sticky icky situation.

Police, in Tennessee, say that as they tried to get the 30-year-old man to stop his car he, instead, began “fidgeting” with something in his lap.  As the chase, which never went above 60 mph, continued the officer noticed the man attempting to throw something out of the window.  He makes SEVERAL attempts to throw things out of the window until, finally, he pulls his car over.

When police approach, they see that the man is STILL attempting to throw things out of the window.  The officer draws his weapon and orders the man out of the ride.  Once the suspect exits the car, the cop looks inside and sees WEED scattered EVERYWHERE!!!

The ENTIRE time, dude was trying to throw his pot out of a CLOSED window — thus COATING the inside of the car — as it bounced off the glass!!!! It was even stuck in the SPEAKERS!  (Can I get a duh-der?)

Upon closer inspection, cops see that the man is straight COVERED in ganja as well;  It was in his hair, his jeans and his shoes!!

The officer said the scene was “almost comical” and suggested — to the DOPE  — that next time he might wish to, first, roll down the window before trashing his stash!

In all, police were able to recover about an OUNCE of weed from inside the car on on top of the moron.

“Afroman” has been charged with drug possession, driving on a revoked license and failure to yield to blue lights.

(NY Daily News)

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