THC University Opens and Holds Classes on Growing Marijuana [Video]

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THC University

THC University

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This sounds great but…who will ever make it to class?

Now that recreational WEED in legal in Colorado, you’d think it’d be easy to get your lips on some right?  Well it ain’t.  They still haven’t worked out the logistics and, currently, only people with medical marijuana cards can buy it from dispensaries.  What’s a lil stoner to do?


But first, ya gotta know how…

Enter THC UNIVERSITY (literally!!!) Colorado’s first professional marijuana cultivation training program!!!  Your first class is actually called “Growing Marijuana 101″!

Ready to ENROLL?  TCH U is currently cultivating students for their next session beginning March 30th, offering a 5-class “BUDtender” certification for $200, a 10-class “Indoor Grower” certification for $400 and a 14-class “Master Indoor Growing” certification for $650.  Depending on the focus, class topics include cooking, lighting, flowering, how to keep pests and disease away from your plants to the law and business of marijuana growing.

Now THIS is the type of higher education I can really, um, what was I saying?

(Huff Post)


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