Old White Pastor’s Christian Rap [Video] Says Jesus Is My N***a

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John Moore/Getty Images

John Moore/Getty Images

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Rappin’ for JESUS?!

Pastor Jim Colerick, and his wife, are doing their part to bring young people to the church.

So, how does and elderly clergyman entice the kids to pile into the pews?

With CHRISTIAN SWAG of course???!!!!

Check as MC Old, and his “boo,” tempt your children into salvation with “biblical” verses like:  “All the other MCs lived well, but if you live in sin, you burn in hell.”

And lest we not forget the pastor’s close relationship with J.C. or, as he puts it, “Jesus Christ is my N***A, he’s the son of the original G.”

Is it real?  The dude who claims he made the video, for the pastor, insists it’s authentic and was done while he was still in high school.

The video also seems to be affiliated with the  website for the West Dubuque 2nd Church Of Christ.

Regardless, it’s this Jewish chick’s opinion that Pastor Colerick is DOPE, DEF, DUMB and STUPID!!!

Word to your maker.

(Huff Post)

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