Percussionist Plays Four Chicks’ Booties Like the Bongos [Video]

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Paolo Curto/Getty Images

Paolo Curto/Getty Images

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In this day and age, the bigger the BOOTY the better.

Having a BADONKADONK, bigger than a baby elephant, is what MANY women strive for these days.

So, where does that leave chicks like ME – tiny women with taut LITTLE tushies?!

Apparently, it leaves us — BENT OVER — wearing a THONG, in front of a percussionist!

Watch as this very talented dude makes ASSES into BONGOS!!!

FOUR bent over ladies, with bootylicious bums — adorned only in black t-backs — are transformed into a bangin’ bongo set!

With a beat blazin’ in the background, homie makes tight work of these LIVING skins!

I’m thinking there may be a little extra-curricular slap and tickle going on with the second ass from the right.  She seems to get most of the bucket banger’s attention!!

It’s AWESOME to know that if this whole radio thing doesn’t work out…I can easily slip into my new career of getting my booty banged out for cash.  Hmmm, I may wish to reword this on my resume.


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