[Video] Shows Seventh Grade Teacher Lassoing Students Around The Neck

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Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

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What do you do when a SEVENTH grader is running WiLD?  If you’re in Texas…you LASSO them around the NECK!

13-year-old Tristan McKissick was super excited to learn about roping steer in his seventh grade history class.  It was only after his teacher told him to take off RUNNING did Tristan realize what a HANDS ON lesson this would be!  “He told me to stand here and take off running, and he was going to rope me,” Tristan said. “So he threw it and roped me.”

When it was his classmates’ turns, to make like CATTLE, Tristan began recording on his cell phone.  On the video, you can see Mr. Cowboy actually lasso a child around his NECK!  According to Tristan and his parents, however, they only released the video to prove that the teacher was “just being creative” and “meant no harm.”  Tristan’s dad even praises the educator and states that he “admires” him for teaching the kids by doing something “different.”  Both Tristan and his dad, however, agree that playing catch the kid — around the THROATS of children — did not show good judgement.

And, indeed, it did NOT.

The parents, of another 13-year-old boy, claim their son was HURT during the lesson and then provided photos of the ROPE BURNS around the kid’s NECK.

The rodeo clown is on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.










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