Dr. Oz examines the safety of gel manicures

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Dr. Oz and dermatologist Anne Chapas, MD, examined the safety of gel manicures on today’s episode of “The Dr. Oz Show”.

The safety of gel manicures has been in the news recently with some believing the UV lamps increase the risk of skin cancer, however opposing headlines challenged these claims, citing there isn’t enough documentation to prove the above and the lamps are just not strong enough to damage the skin.

Dr. Anne Chapas, dermatologist is not convinced that gel manicures are safe, admitting to Dr. Oz that she, herself would not receive a gel manicure, because the risks are not worth it. The doctor noted three major problems that can cause significant medical problems when receiving gel manicures.

  1. Application. The application process uses a UV light for up to eight minutes at a time in the nail salon. Dr. Chapas examined Dr. Oz audience members under a special lamp in the office and noticed early signs of sun damage: sun spots and fine lines.
  2. Removal. The removal process soaks the nails in acetone using damaging tools to strip the nails, which creates thin nails, leading to irritation. Studies have shown the scraping procedure causes the nails to be up to 50% thinner.
  3. Infections:  Scraping causes breaks in skin and nails leading, which risks bacteria exposure and serious infections such as staphylococcal or a fungal infection.


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