Mom Strips On Stage During School Assembly [Video]

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So THAT’S what P.T.A. stands for!!!!

A school in New York, that houses PRESCHOOL through eighth grade, got WAY more parental involvement than they ever WOULD have asked for!

During a school assembly, at which HUNDREDS of students were present, a 24-year-old MOTHER decided to take the STAGE and DANCE with the children.  At first, though not part of the routine, Momz kept it G rated.

Things QUICKLY went left.

Suddenly, Mom went to the FRONT of the stage — took off her coat — and STRIPPED off her clothes!  PARTY PUFFS just bouncin’ EVERYWHERE!!!!

With the nimble reaction time — of nudie bar BOUNCERS — the school staff RUSHED the stage and within SECONDS had Priscilla Pedophile off to the side and shielded from the view of the kids.  They held her there until police arrived.

She MUST have been hammered, right?!

Not according to the principal, and other staff, who spoke with her mere moments before the live showing of  Toddlers and Ti**ies.  They all say she seemed perfectly normal…and clothed.

Cops charged Mom with SEVEN counts of endangering a child, (DAYUM — how big were they???!!!!) and one count of public lewdness.

For better or worse, she just made her kid really, really POPULAR!!!!

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