Newborn Baby Found Alive 90 Minutes After Pronounced Dead [Video]

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ADEK BERRY/Getty Images

ADEK BERRY/Getty Images

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This little girl is destined for GREATNESS!!!

A 20-year-old woman was rushed to a hospital, in Canada, after giving birth on the SIDEWALK — while it was MINUS 17 degrees!

Paramedics rushed the newborn to the trauma unit, but no vital signs were detected, and the baby was pronounced dead.

The child was placed under a sheet and two cops waited, with the body, for the coroner to arrive.  About 90 MINUTES after the call to the coroner was made, however, the sheet started to MOVE!!!

Immediately one of the officers checked the baby and found a PULSE!  The police notified the medical staff and they were able to REVIVE the baby!

Doctors say the baby was most likely pronounced dead because of hypothermia, a condition of extreme cold which can mimic the signs of death.  Sometimes, the extreme cold can actually slow the organs enough to PROTECT them!

It’s been reported that both mother, and baby, are doing WELL!

The hospital is now reviewing its procedures for declaring folks DEAD!!!

(CBS News)

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