Ten Hilariously Painful Treadmill Fails [Videos]

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Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

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The only thing funnier than watching someone BUST their ASS, is watching someone bust their ass while EVERYONE else knew it was coming…except the ass buster.

Look at these FOOLS on treadmills.

From attempting to JUMP onto a treadmill…while it’s running a FULL SPEED to trying to ride a SCOOTER…on a treadmill, how did these morons NOT see this coming?

All their friends — HOWLING in the background — definitely got what they were coming for!!!

The best is probably the brotha who thinks he’s going to DANCE on the treadmill.  Homie has his boy set up the music and dude takes MINUTES to prepare…even takes off his CHAINS at the last minute.  I won’t spoil the ending for you…

No idea what all the girls, attempting to run on the treadmill together, are hoping to accomplish, other than INJURIES!

Drunk dudes FACE PLANTING on treadmills…yea that’s GOLD.

And the geniuses who attempt to SKATEBOARD on the treadmills, they lose weight alright, POUNDS of skin just fall right off!!!

The dude that attempted a HANDSTAND on the running treadmill…may have actually BROKEN his NECK!

Funny, no?


(The FW)


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