Seriously? These Books are for Children?!

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Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

Leigh Vogel/Getty Images

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Ummmmmm, I’m all for being honest with kids — about sex, their bodies and everything else they might be curious about but…I’m not really ready to read my FIVE-YEAR-OLD a book about a dude who “POPPED A PICKLE IN HIS PUSS”!!!!???

Now I’m sure that the authors — unintentionally — made these CHILDREN’S books WiLDly INAPPROPRIATE but dayum…you can write but you can’t READ?!

I mean, NEVER did it occur to you that titling your book, WHO WILL TOSS MY SALAD? might resonate WRONG with some parents out there?!

I ain’t gonna lie, lettuce and tomato in a bowl AIN’T the first thing I thought of after reading THAT!

That, by the way, is one of the TAMER titles.

So, grab your little one and head on down to Barnes And Noble; It’s never too early to teach your daughter GAMES YOU CAN PLAY WITH YOUR PUSSY, right?


(The FW)


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