VIDEO: Girl Burns Own Hair Off In YouTube Beauty Tutorial

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Think you had a long, hard week? At least you didn’t burn your hair off.

Tori Locklear, a Florida middle school student, suffered an unfortunate fate while she was filming a beauty tutorial for YouTube. Posted earlier this week and currently spreading on Reddit, the video is entitled “Burning My Hair Off -ORIGINAL VIDEO- (Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong),” a spoiler of a title if we ever heard one.

Locklear is using a hot curling iron when suddenly her hair simply… comes off. The reaction on her face is priceless. “Oh my God…” she whispers in disbelief. “You’re kidding me.”

Luckily she’s brushed off the incident with a keen sense of humor and a healthy dose of emoticons. She created a Facebook page just yesterday in response to her video’s sudden popularity, writing, “Hi I’m Tori Locklear! Yep, the girl who burned her hair off with the wand! That’s me LOL :D”

She also took to Facebook to explain what happened: “So a hairdresser told me it was definitely the TRESemme spray I put on my hair!”

See, the beauty tutorial was helpful after all! We learned to NEVER put TRESemmé spray in our hair before applying heat.


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