2 Injured 19 Arrested At Mindless Behavior Mall Appearance [Video]

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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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Well DUH…they’re called MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!!!

After having the lil cuties of M.B. at WiLD Splash, we know FIRST HAND how teens LOSE THEIR MINDS for these boys.  When the guys hit up a mall in Chicago, however, people lost a lot more than that…like BLOOD and their FREEDOM!

After the boys finished up a two-hour meet and greet at the mall, which was attended by about 1,000 people, mainly young girls and their mothers, a group of older kids showed up and that’s when the place went HAM!

Apparently, the older kids started yelling, running through the mall, cursing, throwing things and FIGHTING!  The fight was unable to be controlled by the MALL COPS and eventually spilled out into the parking lot.  Police were called and that’s when teenage hell broke loose!

HUNDREDS of these little bastards started blocking traffic, vandalizing cars and rioting!  They jumped on cars in intersections, tried to break into stores, broke windshields and mirrors and threw things at the POLICE!

The entire mall had to be SHUT DOWN!

Two people were taken to the hospital with injuries and 19 people were arrested!

The mall claims that the appearance by Mindless Behavior had NOTHING to do with the riot.

Witnesses disagree.




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