Government Official Flips Out and Destroys Airport Departure Gate [Video]

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Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

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Oh how we’ve ALL dreamed of doing THIS!  Guess you have to be a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL to actually get to do it though.

This is straight HILARIOUS!

A Chinese Communist Official missed his flight because…he stopped to have breakfast.  On the video, dude and his wife can be seen attempting to enter the jet bridge even after agents inform him that the plane has already left.

At first, dude just starts PUSHING on the doors but then…completely loses it and has a VIOLENT melt down!  He starts RIPPING computers  out of the desk and SMASHING THEM on the ground.  He grabs a keyboard and CHUCKS it at the desk almost hitting the agent with it as she tries desperately to get out of the way.

At this point, an enormous crowd has gathered to watch the FREAK SHOW and yet none of the security guards do a thing.

That is when Temper Von Tantrum grabs a SIGN and tries to SMASH it through the glass doors!  Even after the sign breaks, homie just keeps hammering it at the doors.

Eventually, airport officials arrive and dude calms down…a little…though he continues to SCREAM about the INJUSTICE of him missing his plane!?

No word on if he’ll face any charges for trashing the take off area.  Chances of that happening:  ZERO

(Daily Mail)


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