Bus Driver Purposely Rams Rude Drivers Off The Road [Video]

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Phil Walter/Getty Images

Phil Walter/Getty Images

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They call him THE PUNISHER and he needs to open a can of RAM-ASS on FLORIDA drivers too!!!

Fed up with RUDE and CARELESS motorists, a CITY bus driver in Russia — has made it his mission — to SCHOOL these fools by RAMMING them OFF the ROAD with his BUS!!!

The dash cam recordings of his “lessons,” he’s been making since 2007, have made him a CELEBRITY!

And, if you think TAMPA drivers SUCK…you ain’t seen nothing!  These people DESERVE it!  According to the bus driver, Alexi Volkov, many of these reckless riders are SCAM ARTISTS who cut in front of other cars, in order to get hit, so they can make an insurance claim.  Evidence of this is on the video.

So, how does a city employee — who admits to being involved in over 100 accidents — keep his job?  “If there’s no fault of mine, management doesn’t care,” said Alexi adding, “The bus usually gets minor damage.  If the damage is more serious, they wait for insurance payments and repair it.”


Beware bone-heads on 4th Street North — let’s see how well thigh meat bounces off a Caddy!!!

(NY Daily News)

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