Prankster Disguises Himself As Chair And Scares People Who Sit On Him [Video]

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Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

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Ok, I want a CHAIR that turns into a MAN when you SIT on it!!!!

Magician and prankster, Rich Ferguson, has struck again!  This time, disguising himself as a comfy ARM CHAIR, in a coffee house.

Rich put in work too…he DEFINITELY plays the part of “chair” complete with CUSHIONS on his arms!

A hidden camera shows that these people have NO IDEA what’s going on when the chair, they’re sitting on, comes to LIFE and STANDS UP!

Sometimes the chair even GROWLS or asks, “Who’s sitting on me?!”

Some chair victims SCREAM when the chair boots them out of it…er…him, (get a load of the dude who straight FREAKS like a CHICK.)  One little boy just looks like he’s in shock and an older woman HUGS him!

So, yea, if anyone has a line on me getting one of these MAN seats — hook a sistah up!!!!

(Daily Mail)

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