Firefighters Bust Hose Through Windows Of Car Parked In Front Of Hydrant [Video]

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Hey dumbass!  Wrong kinda HOSE hangin’ out ya windows!

Some entitled ASSTARD — sure that LAWS don’t apply to him — got EXACTLY what he deserved when he callously parked his car directly in front of a FIRE HYDRANT!

After responding to a house fire, according to the deputy chief of the City Of Merced [California] Fire Department, he heard a loud glass crash and turned around to see his engineer throwing hose through the CENTER of a car!

The engineer, needing to access the hydrant, simply walked over to the driver side window and, with his hydrant wrench, busted out the window.  He then walked to the passenger side and took out that window — exactly like they did in the movie Back Draft!!!  (Awesome!)

Firefighters say it’s rare that they have to shatter a whip but — it’s CRUCIAL — as the hose must remain straight.  A serious kink can cut the water supply in HALF!

And, while it would SUCK to have one’s windows busted out, remember that laziness, ignorance or any other excuse — for parking in front of a hydrant — could result in serious injury, or death, for the people trapped inside the inferno.

To end on a HIGH note, however, the building — that was ablaze — turned out to be a MARIJUANA grow house with 3,000 pot plants inside!

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