Orangutan Rips Off Man’s Shirt and Puts It On [Video]

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Humans rip off animal’s coats and wear them so, this only seems fair….

A man, visiting a zoo, got far too close to an orangutan’s cage.  In fact, he seems to INSTANTLY regret slipping past the safety gate as the great ape was, CLEARLY, diggin’ his SHIRT.

So much so, that he GRABBED onto it — at the FRONT of the collar — and refused to let go!

As the man — hunched over and repeatedly telling the primate to LET GO — desperately tries to hang onto his T, a lady begins SLAPPING the ‘tan’s HAND like one would a naughty child!!!

The ape manages to pull the garment completely over the man’s head; the two then engage in a tug of war over the shirt.

The man LOSES.

As soon as he gets the shirt, the ape RUNS to the other side of his cage and — seemingly — MOCKS the man from whom he has just STOLEN!

Eventually, after numerous tries (resembling those of a drunk dude attempting to quickly escape a one night stand) the victorious mammal DRESSES himself, in his winnings, and brandishes his new fit like the TROPHY it is!

The fact that he has one arm, through the neck hole, makes him even CUTER!  (Not so for the strange sneaking out of your crib though…am I right?!)


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