Meth Head Tweaking On Shopping Trip to Walmart [Video]

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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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Okay, even the “People of Walmart” are like, “Damn look at THAT trick!!!”

On a shopping trip to Walmart, with his very young son, a man is able to show the boy — first hand — the dangers of DRUGS!  In fact, as he begins filming, he actually says, “This is why you don’t do drugs.”

After whipping out his phone, the man steers his cart to the aisle where a woman appears to be training for Supermarket Sweep.  Sadly, it quickly becomes apparent that this woman is TWEAKING!!

The very thin lady is BOLTING back and forth in the aisle.  She looks at an item, puts it back.  Picks up another item, looks at it, throws it in her cart.  Clearly, she’s not actually READING anything, just randomly grabbing things.  At one point, as she sprints up to where the man is standing…and filming her…she says, “Sorry” and looks like she’s really in a hurry.  Dude says he’s just looking for things for a recipe and she engages him in conversation while continuing to run up and down the aisle.  She is sweating profusely.

At one point, she begins yelling at NO ONE and says, “Shut up!  I know I’m late.”  She then adds, “I’m never doing drugs again, EVER!”

She continues to “dance” around the aisle, randomly throwing things in her cart and wiping the SWEAT from her face with a tissue.  She looks like she might puke, then it passes. She then asks the dude if Walmart sells heavy whipping cream.

The video ends after she takes off down the center aisle, almost knocking people over with her cart, in her attempt to find the WHIPPETS.


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