Road Rage Leaves Man Clinging To Hood Of Speeding Car For Two Miles [Video]

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Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

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Well, here’s one way to catch a hit and run driver…

An Atlanta man is lucky to be alive after confronting the PSYCHO who backed into his wife’s truck.

Elton Kim says that after the woman struck his vehicle, he stood in front of her car to prevent her from leaving.  He didn’t.  Instead, she ACCELERATED into him.  Elton says his instinct was to jump and that’s how he landed on the hood of the crazy chick’s ride.

A witness, Brian Nixon, says he saw the entire altercation and started filming when the lady began DRIVING AWAY with Elton stuck on her hood.  “You could see the fear in the man’s face at that point and we realized this wasn’t just some kids playing around.  This was something serious.”

The loony lady SPED — for two MILES — with Elton The Hood Ornament holding on for dear life!  He says she tried to DISLODGE him, from her whip, by speeding up then SLAMMING on the brakes!  Elton says the only reason he wasn’t thrown from the car is because his fingers were STUCK in the hood!!!

Brian followed along, filming, as he called 911.  At a stoplight, Brian tried to box the lady in but, she managed to escape when Elton jumped off the hood.

According to Brian, the lady seemed DOPEY, “She seemed rather lethargic.  She just seemed out of it, like this situation was just not clicking with her that this was happening.  She just didn’t seem right at all.”

Police have identified the driver and plan to charge her with felony aggravated assault.  You will now go to JAIL for a FENDER BENDER.  Brilliant.




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