Store’s Commercial Sings ‘Where Black People and White People Buy Furniture and Expanics Too’ [Video]

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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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Well it’s about damn time EXPANIC people had a place to buy quality furniture????!!!!!!

Apparently, DESEGREGATION is a bit of a NEW concept in High Point, NC.  The staff of Red House furniture made themselves a COMMERCIAL inviting ALL people to shop in their store.

It begins with a black employee sitting between two white employees on a couch.  The black dude says, “Can’t we all just get along?”  One of the white guys answers, “At the Red House…” Then all three say, “We can!”  They then proceed to introduce themselves, “I’m Richard, a.k.a. Big Head, I work at the Red House and I’m BLACK.”  They then show Richard shaking hands with a WHITE woman.  “I’m Johnny, a.k.a. Ten Gauge, I work at the Red House and I’m WHITE.”  Johnny then shakes hands with a BLACK man.

We”re then taken through a series of customer testimonials.  Each person first states their RACE then says, “and I love the Red House.”

Richard then LAUNCHES himself onto a couch and says, “Look at this sofa, it’s perfect for a black person…or a white person.”  Johnny then takes you down the same path, but this time on a mattress, that’s suitable for — yes — both white and black people.

Two dorky white dudes then sing, “At the Red House, where white people and black people buy furniture.”

Richard then brings it home by saying…”And EXPANIC people too!”

Think it’s fake?  Here it is on the company’s WEB SITE!!!!


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