Man Steals Woman’s Cell Phone And Is Immediately Hit By Bus [Video]

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AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

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Instant karma.  It’s real.

As a woman is leaning against a railing, waiting for her bus at the station, she’s texting away on her cell phone.

Suddenly, a man charges her and tries to snatch her phone!  They fight over it, for a few seconds, and the man yanks it out of her hands.

The force, with which he grabbed the phone, propels him backward — into the ROAD — and he is immediately HIT by a BUS!!!

Dude flew into the street so fast, it appears the driver is UNAWARE that he’s just mowed down a human — thus — he continues to drive over the thief until he reaches the front of the stop!

Ironically, as other passengers begin to BOARD the bus — also unaware that the cell snatcher is pinned beneath — the ONLY person to help him is the lady whose phone he stole!!!

She actually gets him to his feet and he is unharmed!

Swift and unyielding JUSTICE;  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!



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