Man Creates Engagement Ring For Girlfriend That Glows When He’s Near [Video]

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Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

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He thinks it’s romantic, I think it’s an early WARNING system for when he’s around!!!

A smitten inventor truly lit up his lady’s life with his marriage proposal!  Ben Kokes came up with the idea to craft an engagement ring, for his girlfriend Julie, that would GLOW whenever he was near.

Months went into designing the ring and then, there was the chore of slipping off to actually craft the bauble, “She kinda likes this kind of thing, so it was tough making excuses for why I was going to the shop all the time,” Ben said of his fiancee who also enjoys building projects.

Finally, proposal day arrived.  “I took her hiking — we live in San Francisco, and the plan was to propose at dusk on top of one of the hills.”

Julie gleefully agreed to marry her man and he slipped the beautiful titanium creation upon her finger.  Ben then moved his hand closer to Julie’s…and the stones LIT UP!  Julie was delighted.

I’m sure the GEEKY side of you wants to know how he did it.  It involved coils and copper, a hidden LED and something to do with magnets BLAH BLAH BLAH.  Who cares?  He PROPOSED, hand crafted the ring and it GLOWS.  Damn, you think this dude’s single?!  Oh.  Wait.

Well, the ring BROKE the next day.

Ben is fixing it though and says all the planning and work was well worth it for Julie.  I hate Julie. ;)



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