Girl Does Insane Head Spins On Top Of Tiny Can [Video]

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Juergen Schwarz/Getty Images

Juergen Schwarz/Getty Images

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Okay, your mother really needs to invest in a CAN OPENER.

Check this girl, who appears to me no more than 13, put down an INSANE head spin on top of a teeny tiny CAN!!!

Dressed like a total B-Girl with headphones around her neck, she says, “Hmmm lemme see what I can do with this can.  Aiight.  Check this out.  Spinderella.”

Her ADORABLE little sister, who is dressed just like her, hits the music and the kid puts the can on the floor.  She immediately goes into a headstand, on the can, gives her legs a twist and starts SPINNING!!!

As the little one dances and chants in the background, the girl continues to spin faster and faster until she LIFTS her hands is spinning on her head — with all her weight on the miniscule can!!!!

At one point, she’s spinning with one leg straight up in the air then, starts waving her hands and feet while still spinning!!!

This one spin goes on for almost 45 seconds!

When she’s done.  She jumps off the can and says “Peace out.”  The lil one runs up to the camera, cheezin’, then follows big sis out of the room.

Adorably gangsta!


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