Baby Sea Lion Leaps Onto Boat Cuddles With Sailor [Video]

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Mario Tama/Getty Images

Mario Tama/Getty Images

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AWWWWWWWWWWW!  I want a baby sea lion!!!!!!!

A California sailor had what he describes as, “my life changing experience with a baby sea lion,” and it was all captured on video!!!

About two miles off the coast, the lil lion began swimming around the boat.  The sailor’s 11-year-old niece is heard calling to the creature and he swims underneath the vessel.  The baby then decided to hop ON BOARD.

For a while, the sea lion explored the boat, climbing below deck and perching on a bench to soak up the sun.

Then, he fell in LOVE.

As the sailor stays perched on a bench, the little guy scoots closer and closer.  The man is heard warning his niece not to touch the WiLD animal.

The sea lion, however, ignores the advice and CUDDLES UP to the sailor!  Like a cat, he rubs his face on the man’s leg!!!  The man continues to stay still and the lion lays on his LAP!

With his precious little eyes closed tight, the lion rubs his head back and forth on the man’s lap.  He seems completely CONTENT cozied up with his new crew!

The sea lion stayed with the family, for about half an hour, and the sailor described the encounter as, “a day at sea I will never forget.”

(Daily Mail)

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