Watch Wife Throw Husband’s Mistress Off Cliff [Video]

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AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

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Who argues on a CLIFF?!

A grimy, MARRIED man was caught on surveillance video cuddling up to his MISTRESS — on a CLIFF?!

Just then, WIFEY shows up and a confrontation goes DOWN.  (She MUST have him strapped with a GPS device to find him on a cliff!!!)

The wife immediately goes after the mistress and they begin to brawl.

Wifey, quickly, manages to floor the hoochie and then begins DRAGGING her — by her HAIR — towards the EDGE of the cliff!  Surely she just wants to SCARE the woman, who would actually THROW another person over a cliff?!

This chick.

With NO hesitation, Wifey pulls the strange to the edge, grabs her LEG and TOSSES her over as easily as one would a bag of trash into a dumpster!

After dumping her over, the wife begins to walk away and then goes BACK to admire her disposal skills.

The cliff was “only” about a 20 foot drop so, the side piece was able to walk away with only minor injuries.

Why these “ladies” would even fight over a man — who TOOK OFF  instead of preventing a possible HOMICIDE — is beyond me.

The wife says she acted out of “blind rage” and doesn’t even remember her short stint as a trick tosser.


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