3 Grandmas Rag On Miley Cyrus Then Start Twerking [Video]

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Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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Ok, is it just me or are these grannies WORKIN’ IT?!

74-year-old twins, and their 82-year-old sister, stumble upon the video of MILEY CYRUS twerking in a unicorn suit to WOP.

One says, “I heard [Miley] did a new video where she shows her ass.”  Another chimes in, “I hear that’s a new dance, it’s called TWERKING.”

They start the video and it gets HYSTERICAL!  “Oh my gawd!”  says one.  Miley then drops it low and all three exclaim “Ohhhhhhh!”  “Will that turn a guy on?”  one asks while giving quite the STANK face!”  One just starts chanting, “Twerking, twerking, twerking!”  As Miley really starts getting it in, one says, “You’re doing all that with nobody, how stupid!”

After a few more gasps, and “Jesus” exclamations, the ladies discuss whether or not THEY could twerk.  “I would definitely be good at it if I was a teenager and I practiced,” one insists, “I practiced the Watusi, and I got that.  That would turn a guy on!”

Her sister then says, “Look, you have to have a young ass to do that, your asses are old!”  This then prompts the Watusi women to get up and start twerking!!!  WOP  comes on and they ALL start twerking — while making it RAIN!!!

Cut now to the kitchen and each one seriously breaks it down!  For realz — for old broads — they’re really GOOD and…have better asses than some of the trolls I’ve seen in Ybor!!!

At the end, one says, “Ok, that’s a workout!”

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