Watch Cops Raid Home And Threaten Mother And Sons Over Fine [Video]

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TED ALJIBE/Getty Images

TED ALJIBE/Getty Images

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I was just gonna blow off this $35 parking ticket — but now — I’m too f**kin’ scared!!!

A Georgia family is peacefully sleeping — at 1:30 in the morning — when they are suddenly jolted awake by “loud and aggressive” banging on their door!  A 23-year-old man, fearing for the safety of his mother, five-year-old sister and 20-year-old brother, looks outside.  Trained on his house are FLOOD LIGHTS and three SHERIFF’S deputies are the ones banging on the door.

The man begins filming as the cops are still banging on his door.  He states that the police are at the wrong house as they keep yelling out the wrong address.  The man then calls 911.

The 911 operator tells the man that he needs to open the door.  He then asks if she’ll send the police captain out to ensure that his family would not be harmed.  He claims no other officers ever arrived.

After 30 minutes, dude opens the door and then cops barge in.  They immediately arrest the man’s MOTHER as she cries she’s done nothing wrong.  The two brothers are thrown to the ground.

According to the man, he and his brother were then BEATEN for 93 MINUTES for not opening the door, “One of the sheriffs drew a weapon and struck me with it on the head.  As I am laying face-down on the floor I am repeatedly kicked in the head and back and one of the sheriffs stood on my head with both feet.”

One the vid, officers can be heard making racial comments and using inappropriate language.  They also threaten to taze the brothers and state they wish they could “cane their asses.”

The family also claims the cops searched their home, without a warrant, and stole some of their belongings.  The mother alleges the cops never told her, for what she was being arrested, and failed to read her her Miranda rights.

The chief deputy says his officers DID NOT use excessive force during the arrest.

So…what exactly was this violent beat down and arrest over anyway?

Momz was 15 DAYS late paying a $1000 civil FINE.  She has since paid the fine.

Effective police work there boys.  Job well done???!!!!

***Explicit Language***

(Daily Mail)

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