Introducing Drive Thru Prostitution [Video]

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FERENC ISZA/Getty Images

FERENC ISZA/Getty Images

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PLEASE can I get that without CHEESE???!!!!

PROSTITUTION is legal in Switzerland. The city of Zurich really wants to regulate it.

Introducing DRIVE THRU prostitution!!!

Located in an industrial part of the town, the set up (which opened yesterday) is much like a SONIC!!!

Nine drive-in SEX BOXES (which are essentially garages) allow you to eat (or whatever) your “order” right there in the car!!!

Here’s how it works. You drive through a gate and onto the property. You must be ALONE in the car. Then you look at the menu. 40 HOOKERS are on hand to negotiate giving you the whopper your way. After selecting your strange, you proceed to the sex box.

Each box is equipped with an alarm — so the street squish can call for help — if you manhandle the meat in an unapproved manner.

There are now THREE John In The Box locations in Zurich.

Anyone who eats outside of the dining area — is in violation of the PENAL code — and will face a heavily engorged fine.

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