How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Stun Gun [Video]

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Don’t taze TEXT me Bro!!!

This is BAD ASS!!!

Companies are now designing SMARTPHONE cases that double as STUN GUNS, pepper sprays and can even hold a concealed KNIFE!

I can’t tell you how many times I leave the house with only my keys and phone.  Nowhere to conceal the gun so…PERFECTION!!!

The baddest boy in the bunch is the system made by Yellow Jacket.  It’s case has two tiny electrodes, at the top, that emit a mini stun gun light.

One touch can deliver 650,000 VOLTS!  That’s enough to take down a “fully grown aggressive adult male” which gives my lil ass enough time to haul it!!!

Bonus:  It provides 20 additional hours to your phone BATTERY!!!

Retails for around $125.

Some other companies are offering phone cases that hold and emit PEPPER SPRAY.  Spraytect and Smart Guard cases both house replaceable dispensers and retail for around $50.

Prefer a more lo-tech way to defend yourself?  Several companies, like Atlanta Cutlery Corp, offer cases that conceal hunting-style BLADES for around $35.

Of course there are many CRITICS, of these products, spouting off about “not knowing how to use them” and “abuse.”

Whatevs!!!  I’ll feel a hell of a lot safer — walking through YBOR in stilettos — with more than CANDY CRUSH on my phone to protect me!!!

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