Grown Man On Slingshot Ride Screams Cries and Poops His Pants [Video]

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THIS is how you test whether or not he’s HUSBAND material.

A chick, presumably named Jackie, takes her boyfriend/date/brother/un-POTTY TRAINED half cousin on the slingshot ride at the fair.

Jackie seems like a seasoned pro, the wussy — in the Jets jersey — is clearly a first timer.

The ride’s “FUN cam” begins rolling as the two are strapped in and ready for launch.

Jet looks TERRIFIED as Jackie tells him, “five seconds.”

The sling is shot and Jet, immediately, begins SCREAMING like a GOAT!  Jackie is having a blast.

“JACKIE I HATE YOU!” Jet screams as he begins writhing around in his seat.  Jackie is unconcerned.

As the ride rocks at the top, Jet continues to CRY.  Jackie gives him the side eye.

After a little more whimpering, Jet YELLS, “I just s**t myself!  I just f**kin s**t my pants!”  Jackie laughs.

Everyone already knows the Jets stink.  I bet Jackie went home alone.


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