Watch Man Punch Female Cashier In Face Over 41 Cents [Video]

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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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I mean, maybe it had been over an actual DOLLAR???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 23-year-old female cashier choked back tears — as she discussed the INSANE incident — with the local news.

Some d-bag came into the Cali gas station, where she works, and tried to buy a Swisher cigar with $1.  When the cashier explained that dude was 41 CENTS short, he went BALLISTIC!

Yelling, “This is all I have…bitch whatever!” the man tried to snatch the cigar from her hand after she asked him to leave the store.

He failed.

So, instead, he cocked back his FIST and DRILLED the poor girl in the GRILL!!!???

He then simply walked out of the store, while a line of STUNNED customers, stood frozen in shock.

The punch knocked off the girls glasses and injured her eye but, otherwise, she’s okay.

She actually stayed, and finished her shift, but says she is now scared when she goes to work.

Cops still haven’t found the BROKE BULLY!!!

(Daily Mail)

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