Four Mountain Bikers Crash Land After Wrong Turn Sends Them Flying Off Trail [Video]

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Phil Walter/Getty Images

Phil Walter/Getty Images

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Like LEMMINGS, they just followed each other right off the cliff!!

Four downhill mountain bikers decided to brave the trails of Chatel, France.

One of them wore a helmet cam.

One by one, they began with a cool jump off a wooden ramp.  They start RACING down a dirt path that, eventually, goes over another wooden ramp.

They ASSUME that this ramp is also a JUMP.

It’s NOT.

It’s SUPPOSED to be a SHARP left turn but — they MISS it — and, instead, go FLYING completely OFF the trail to the RIGHT!  They all CRASH through huge BUSHES and land HARD on the grass.

The leader tries to WARN the other three — but there’s no time — the bodies hit the floor!

There is A LOT of screaming and moaning but, mainly, they guys are just STUNNED.  Eventually, they all LAUGH about it.

The dirty ridaz have, naturally, been taking a lot of heat from the mountain biking community.  The first question being, of course, why didn’t they CHECK the trail out first?

The bozo bikers say they KNOW that they should have…but all the OTHER trails they had ridden, in France, had jumps where there were SUPPOSED to be jumps.

Oh, so France’s government is SHUT DOWN too?!


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