Watch Seven Year Old Steal Woman’s Cell Phone As Her Proud Mom Instructed [Video]

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Adam Berry/Getty Images

Adam Berry/Getty Images

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Meet our newest MOTHER OF THE YEAR contender!!

Two ladies are having lunch at a busy restaurant in South Africa.

Surveillance cams pick up a woman, and a little girl, walking to the table next to them.  Another woman walks AROUND their table.

The woman stops, behind one of the diner’s chairs, and sees that her PURSE is between her back and the back of her chair.  She looks as if she’s going to grab the purse, but then realizes the chick is SITTING on part of it.

Defeated, the woman joins her party at their table.  The two women are seen discussing how to get the purse out from under the owner’s ass!!!

The woman then begins speaking to the SEVEN-YEAR-OLD child at the table.

The kid — without hesitation — gets up and stands behind the diner’s chair.  (She’s little so she’s blocked from view, from the victim’s friend, by the victim herself!)

The girl then, simply, reaches in the purse and SNATCHES the lady’s CELL PHONE!!!

She, quickly, zips it up in her sweatshirt and goes back to her own table.

The three get up and leave.  NO ONE saw a thing.  No one knows who they are.

Clearly, this isn’t the little girl’s first FELONY.  The entire theft took only THREE MINUTES start to finish.

(Daily Mail)




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