500 Drunk College Students Throw Bottles And Twerk On Cop Cars As Party Gets Shut Down [Video]

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Rick Gershon/Getty Images

Rick Gershon/Getty Images

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POPPIN’ BOTTLES…you’re doing it wrong.

What started as a block party, in  an apartment complex, turned into an all out RIOT as cops tried to shut it down!

About 9:30 Saturday night, Washington University students were drinking and partying and someone snitched!  As cops began to break it up, a large group of drunk people began walking to a nearby park.  Along the way, they picked up even more partiers!!!

At the height of the fiesta, more than 500 people were gettin’ it in!  Cops tried to, again, break up the fun but this time the drunks fought back!

As the police released PEPPER SPRAY, the partiers began hurling BOTTLES at the cops and their cars!

This prompted the cops to fire RUBBER BULLETS at folks.

That, in turn, caused several women to begin TWERKING on patrol cars????!!!!!!

After about 45 MINUTES, police began detonating pepper BOMBS and were able to get the crowd under control.

Several arrests were made.

Man!  I really MISS college!!!!




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