Dog Hates Going In Kennel So Much He Repeatedly Screams ‘NO’ [Video]

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AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

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OMG this is SO freakin’ CUTE!!!

11-month-old husky puppy, Blaze, HATES going in his kennel!!!

As soon as his owner begins trying to put him in — he becomes DEAD WEIGHT — and refuses to budge.

In addition, he repeatedly screams “NOOOOO!” every time Daddy says, “Time to get in the kennel.”

The dude CAN NOT move this animal and, at one point says, “Blaze you like your kennel” to which Blaze replies, “No I Don’t!”  Daddy then says, “You have to go in your kennel,” and Blaze says, “No! Why?”

It’s HYSTERICAL and — exactly how I feel — EVERY morning when the alarm goes off!!!




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