Uniformed Officer Destroys Street Performer In Dance Battle [Video]

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File photo of an NYPD officer in the subway. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

File photo of an NYPD officer in the subway. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

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So these dudes are having a full on DANCE BATTLE underground.  They’re pretty good too — with their flips and their jumps — so a large crowd has gathered to watch.

Then the COPS show up (or did they??? More at the bottom…)!

One UNIFORMED officer comes charging right into the middle of the battle circle — but not to break it up — he accepts the CHALLENGE and starts THROWING DOWN!!!!

And he’s GOOD!  I mean really, REALLY good!!!!!!  I mean like, should be on tour with YOUNG MONEY good!

With his GUN still holstered, the cop is straight BREAKIN’!  Upside down, spins, flips… just KILLIN’ IT!!!

The battle continues and then the cop asks his friend to hold his gun before he goes in AGAIN. He does this MILLIPEDE thing — that’s seriously DOPE — then in the middle… just stops and HOLDS it!

This dude has got SKILLZ!!!!

Which is great ‘cuz… who knows if he still has this whole police thingy goin’ on…

In fact, who knows if he’s even a real police officer???

If he is, management may FROWN upon officers pop, lock and droppin’ it while CRIMINALS are poppin’ locks and droppin’ off drugs! If he’s not, maybe they should hire him to help the police learn some sweet moves!!!


UPDATE: It turns out it WAS a b-boy throwing down while dressed as a cop!

The (AMAZING) dancer, known as BBoyElusive, took to Reddit to identify himself and come clean about where he got his moves and give some insight about the video.

Want to see what he really looks like? Meet BBoyElusive!

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