Say HIGH To The E-SPLIFF; The World’s First Electronic JOINT [Video]

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file photo of e-cigarette  (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

file photo of e-cigarette (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

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Yeah, but way to keep it on the DL with that GLOWING pot leaf on the tip!!!????

A Dutch company has invented the first ELECTRONIC JOINT and — according to them — it’s “harmless and 100% LEGAL!?”

It’s called E-NJoint and it, currently, comes with NO tobacco, nicotine or THC?!  It just turns a bunch of “natural components” into flavored water vapor.

So what’s the BIG WHOOP?!

The E-Spliff crew is now in talks to partner — with a medical MARIJUANA company — so you can smoke THE WEED through their product.

There’s INSANE interest too — 10,000 E-Joints are produced EACH day — and soon, those will be filled with CANNABIS oil.

I HATE to break this to them but this is FAR from the FIRST E-Cig device that vapes KUSH.

“Someone” may have been in possession of such a device — that vaped canna-oil — but found it utterly FRUSTRATING as the oil kept CLOGGING and breaking the device.  Though “someone” did find it quite CONVENIENT when wanting to smoke, at say, DISNEY or the MALL.

I — I mean — SOMEONE is hoping this device is less disappointing.


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