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Beyonce Breaks The Internet w/ Her New Music Video For “7/11″

All hail Queen Bey! Beyonce dropped the new video for her single “7/11″ last night and shut down the internet! You couldn’t go on any social network without seeing screenshots or opinions on Bey’s new […]



WATCH: Nuthouse Week 12 NFL Picks!

Like the tortoise from The Tortoise & The Hare story, Stiffy has crept from last to first! But it’s a new week, with new picks. Here’s the results from last week. Stiffy 5-0, Nation 3-2, […]


One man is dead and two were injured in a Clearwater shooting overnight.   According to detectives, the shooting occured at a home on Lorena Lane appears to be part of a robbery. Two people were detained overnight and interviewed by deputies,  but they have not been named as susptects.

The Most Polite Armed Robber Ever?

Just might be! Check out the video below! Seems as if the guy really needed some money and didn’t want to be doing the robbery in the first place.


File photo of marijuana Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

These Three GRANDMAS Getting HIGH For The FIRST Time Will MAKE Your Weekend

Welcome to Washington — where it’s now LEGAL — to get your GRANDMA zooted out of her mind!!! So, some dude found three really OLD ladies — who had NEVER smoked WEED before — and […]


Rihanna PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

WATCH: Chick Looks So Much Like RIHANNA She Gets MOBBED On The Street DAILY

The RIsemblance is RImarkable!!! 22-year-old Andele Lara, of Boston, said she grew up feeling like the Ugly Duckling; she was known as the “skinny girl with the big forehead.” All that began to change, however, when […]



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