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Confused TAMPA Chick Gets Third BOOB Implanted So Men Will Find Her LESS Attractive [Video]

Woooooow, this chick is absolutely CLUELESS about MEN!!!! 21-year-old Jasmine Tridevil, (surprise — that’s not her real name) from TAMPA, got herself a BOOB job. Now, in FLORIDA, this is the farthest thing from NEWS […]

11 hours ago

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News Anchor Quits On Live TV….. To Sell Weed [Video]

There’s only one word to describe this chick, BOSS!!!!!! I mean if you’re going to quit, why not do it big??? She owns a medical marijuana business in Alaska and is trying to fight for […]

12 hours ago

(Courtesy of Def Jam)

Jhene Aiko On The Today Show Performing “The Pressure” [Video]

With her first album release, Jhene Aiko is taking over the R&B world with her soulful voice. She performed on The Today Show with a nice acoustic set. Just her voice and a guitar player, […]


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Dracula Untold [Trailer]

There is always a beginning to every story. May it be about the good turning bad or the bad turning good. Well this story was about a man wanting to save his family. This is why we […]


File photo of a high school classroom. (photo: FRANK PERRY/AFP/GettyImages)

Adults Try To Do 5th Grade Math [Video]

What do you really remember from junior high school? Yes, think about it, like from history to English to even Math. When was the last time you did a fraction problem? Exactly, you haven’t done […]



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