Orlando & The Freakshow will be doing things a bit differently! Special Ed has been dancing on the streets of Tampa Bay and St.Pete for the past few days dresses as what we “Think” is a woman. But, now the tables have turned and Orlando and Davy will be getting their “Fabulous Swag” on dressed as women, while they dance on the street of Tampa! Now remember, this is not just for Fun, but this is for Dancing For Charity, where Orlando will be dancing. The whole purpose of these men going all out like this is for YOUR VOTES! VOTE HERE FOR ORLANDO DAVIS TO WIN DANCING FOR CHARITY!

The Freaks will be at:
Hooters – The Original – Hooters Girls & Chicken Wings since 1983
4215 West Hillsborough Avenue Tampa, FL 33614
(813) 885-3916


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