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Kanye West Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Kanye West DEMANDS Fan In WHEELCHAIR Stand Before He’ll Perform [Video]

Wow, KANYE WEST has gone SOFT — offering “HANDICAP PASSES” — to those he demand WORSHIP him!!!! During his show in Sydney, on Friday, Kanye REFUSED to continue his performance until EVERY person in the [...]

12 hours ago

Usher Raymond Photo by John E. Davidson/Getty Images

You Won’t Believe Who The WORST Celebrity TIPPERS Are [Photos]

I got a TIP for YOU…STOP being a CHEAP douchebag!!!! When I first started at WiLD, I could only get part-time hours.  I needed to be available to the station, as much as possible, but [...]

13 hours ago

File photo of Jesus  KARL-JOSEF HILDENBRAND/AFP/Getty Images

Should TEEN Be JAILED For TWO YEARS For What He’s Doing To JESUS In This [Photo]

You can get ARRESTED for coming to JESUS??!! A 14-year-old boy, from Pennsylvania, is looking at being LOCKED UP — for TWO YEARS — for posting a snap of himself simulating DAT BECKY with a [...]


File photo of woman YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images

Here’s What $100,000 Worth Of BOOTY INJECTIONS Looks Like [Video]

Each CHEEK weighs EIGHT POUNDS???!!!!! 42-year-old Tatiana Williams, of FLORIDA, has spent close to $100,000 — and the last 20 YEARS — ILLEGALLY injecting silicone into her ASS!!!??? Illegal because she did it ALL on [...]


File photo of feet Photo credit should read ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP/Getty Images

SARASOTA Burglar Falls ASLEEP On HOMEOWNER’S Bed With STOLEN Jewelry And COPS Snap [Photo]

BURGLARY:  You’re doing it wrong. 29-year-old Dion Davis, of SARASOTA, should really reconsider his life of CRIME…’cuz he SUCKS at it!!!! He broke into a home — FILLED a Ziploc bag with JEWELRY — and [...]


ALLi ThAt GiRL & Gygabytch Photo credit DJ Rhinestone

ALLi ThAt GiRL Takes On FALCONS FURY At Busch Gardens…Or Does She [Video]

ALLi ThAt CHICKEN???!!!!! Ok first — I would like to to PUBLICLY state — that I really DO have HERNIATED discs in my NECK!!!!  A car accident, coupled with BOXING for two years, left me [...]


Nicki Minaj Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Three Lions Entertainment

Nicki Minaj Re-Shoots ‘ANACONDA’ [Video] With ELLEN DEGENERES And It’s HYSTERICAL

Is anyone else SHOCKED — that the ONLY person who can make NICKI MINAJ blush — is ELLEN DEGENERES??!!! Nicki hit up Ellen’s show, to talk about the INSANE response to her record-breaking ANACONDA song [...]


File photo of drunk woman Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images


How the hell did she even DRIVE there in the first place???!!!! 27-year-old Renata Congleton — of NPR — can HOLD her LIQUOR!!!!  That quality — however — does NOT make one a good PARENT!!! [...]


T.I.  Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

10 RAPPERS With Life-Threatening Illnesses [Photos]

The fact that they still GRIND is what REALLY makes them SICK!!! The HIP HOP life ain’t all poppin’ bottles and bangin’ babes — unless – some of those bottles are PRESCRIPTIONS and some of [...]


File photo of medical marijuana FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty

Will TAMPA Provide FREE Medical MARIJUANA For The POOR [Video]

WEED WELFARE!!!??? Come November — when FLORIDA residents APPROVE medical MARIJUANA for the Sunshine State — low-income residents may get high off OUR own supply!!! The Berkeley City Council, in Cali, just UNANIMOUSLY approved FREE [...]



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