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File photo of a doctor applying a cast. (photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News)

Awesome Doctor RAPS Cast Care Instructions To Little Girl With Broken Foot [Video]

AWWWWWWWWW he makes me wanna run right out…in front of a CAR!!! A little girl, on an army base, broke her foot and went to the hospital to get a bright PINK cast.  Her DOCTOR [...]


(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

More Floridians SUPPORT Medical Marijuana After Debate Nearly Ends In BRAWL In Pinellas County [Video]

Finally, PEOPLE are winning out over PROPAGANDA!!!! They called it a Village Square Forum and the purpose was to gauge where people stand –  on the issue of legalizing medicinal MARIJUANA — in Florida. Packed [...]


File photo of Kim Kardashian. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian Busts Her Ass HARD Riding Bike In Florida [Photos]

We’ve FINALLY found something KIM KARDASHIAN sucks at RIDING!!! Kim flew into FLORIDA to shoot an ad for an energy drink. For the shoot, she was SUPPOSED to recreate the ICONIC shot of AUDREY HEPBURN [...]


File photo of Kid Cudi performing (photo:  Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment)

Kid Cudi Rocks A CROP TOP And The Twitter Response Is Hilarious [Photos]

We LADIES really don’t have ANYTHING to WEAR…’cuz the DUDES are rockin’ all our ‘FITS!!!! First, it was KANYE WEST and his ample SKIRT collection… Then, A$AP ROCKY reinvented the t-shirt DRESS… And now…KID CUDI [...]


(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Check The Email Soulja Boy’s Jump Off Wrote To His Girl And The [Photos] She Leaked Of His JUNK

I ain’t gonna lie, SOULJA BOY definitely has somethin’ BIG to TELL EM!!!! Lord knows that lately — MUSICALLY — Soulja has left us quite DISSATISFIED. Now, it’s quite evident, that the only HUGE project [...]


(Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Passengers Told To Tackle Crazy Chick Flipping Out On Tampa Flight Screaming About God [Video]

Why do they always save the CRAZY for 36,000 FEET?! A woman flying from Miami — to TAMPA — straight LOST it mid-flight!!!  It began with her pacing up and down the aisles asking people [...]



Every Dance Move From A To Z In One Insanely Awesome [Video]

This is SOOOOOO cool!!!! Check this project aimed to inspire EVERYONE to get up and bust a move! A group of seriously EPIC performers go through the ALPHABET of DANCE!!! Shot on the streets — [...]


STR/AFP/Getty Images

One Odd Yet Awesome Reason To Be Proud Of YOUR Home State [Photos]

…not that more STRIP CLUBS per capita — than CHURCHES — isn’t one to put in your pipe and smoke…FLORIDA!!!! My home state is TENNESSEE.  Now, many would say we’re known for being inbred and [...]


(Photo by Dave Sandford/NBAE via Getty Images)

Drake Surprises Teen With Brain Cancer After Seeing Friends’ Social Media Campaign [Video]

Now THESE are true BESTIES!!!! 15-year-old Kennedy, from Houston, is battling a cancerous brain tumor. Early last week, her best buddies threw her a “high school in a day” surprise at school.  With only TWO [...]



Woman Walks Her Man Around Town On His Hands And Knees On A Leash [Video]

GOOD BOY!!!! Was he a DOG who CHEATED?  Are they into some FREAKY master/slave smashin’?!  Is it a PR stunt for the 50 Shades Of Grey auditions that are goin’ down in town? WHO CARES?! [...]