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Paris Hilton (Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images)

Paris Hilton Gets WET And WiLD With Model Hannah Ferguson In New Carl’s Jr Ad [Video]

Who’s in the mood for some BOOBS and burgers?! NINE years ago PARIS HILTON stripped down, and soaped up her Bentley, while SUCKING back a Carl’s Jr. burger. Miss Hilton’s BUNS have now reprised their [...]


Queen Elizabeth II Photo by Christopher Furlong-WPA-Pool/Getty Images


This is about as HILARIOUS as it gets in ENGLAND!!! QUEEN ELIZABETH made a SURPRISE visit, to the 2014 Commonwealth games, to catch the Wales-England match. Cooling off outside was the Australian women’s hockey team.  [...]


File photo of chocolate   (Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Nestle APOLOGIZES For Printing A PENIS On Their CHOCOLATE [Photo]

I’LL EAT IT!!!!!!!!!! A 31-year-old lawyer, from London, was SUCKING on some delicious CANDY — during the finals of the WORLD CUP — when he realized what, exactly, it was he had in his MOUTH… [...]


Drake and LIl Wayne (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Young Money Releases The EPIC Trailers For The DRAKE vs LIL WAYNE Tour [Videos]

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS SHOW!!!!!!! I was ALREADY freakin’ excited that WEEZY and DRIZZY are bringing their DRAKE vs LIL WAYNE tour through TAMPA — but now that YOUNG MONEY has released the [...]


File photo of pageant (Photo credit should read YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images)

The Most Epic TWERK Battle Went Down In SIBERIA [Video]

TWERKING has gone GLOBAL! In SIBERIA, at the Fraules Dance Centre, some of the most TALENTED Twerkers gathered for a BATTLE!! Now, these aren’t your Grey Goose variety CLUB RAT Twerkers, no sir…these are PROS! [...]


File photo of couple on beach (Photo credit should read MIGUEL ROJO/AFP/Getty Images)

BRADENTON Couple Having SEX On BEACH Just Don’t Give A F [Video]

Where else in the world can a TOURIST get a real-life SEX ON THE BEACH shot?! Ahhhh — BRADENTON — we truly put the ASS in CLASS don’t we?! Sunday — in the MIDDLE of [...]


File photo of parking lot  (Photo credit should read FETHI BELAID/AFP/Getty Images)

WTF Mall Installs PLUS-Sized FEMALE-Only Spots Because Women CAN’T Park [Photos]

Hmmm I guess FRED FLINTSTONE was the project manager of this parking lot!!! A mall, in China, has installed PLUS-sized FEMALE-only parking spots — which are close to a FOOT wider than normal — because [...]


File photo of cobras Photo credit should read DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/AFP/Getty Images)

OMG Baby HUGS The Four COBRA Snakes Who PROTECT Him While He’s SLEEPING [Video]

Okay, this DAYCARE sucks!!!! My Pixie Bobcat, Buckley, is my six-year-old daughter’s fierce PROTECTOR!  No matter where Haidyn is, Buckley is right there too.  If she’s playing outside, he runs from window to window — [...]


Farrah Abraham (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Look What Farrah Abraham Wore To Her SEX TOY Release Party [Photo]

I can NOT wait until her CHRISTIAN PARENTING book comes out!!!! Backdoor Teen Mom FARRAH ABRAHAM — who swears she’s NOT a PORN STAR (that’s the NAME of her PORN movie btw) — released a [...]


File photo of father and son (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Look What A FLORIDA Father Did To The FACE Of The TEEN He Caught MOLESTING His Son [Photo-Video]

They’ll finish him off in PRISON… A FLORIDA father faced EVERY parent’s nightmare when he CAUGHT the TEEN — he trusted to BABYSIT his 11-year-old son — MOLESTING him! After walking in on the sexual [...]