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File photo of pep rally TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

TEACHER Caught On [VIDEO] Giving ORAL SEX To STUDENT During Pep Rally

…And it was her FIRST day… A 22-year-old SUBSTITUTE teacher was called, to work at a high school in Washington D.C., and boy did she get EXCITED!!! A 17-year-old student — became HOT for teacher [...]

5 hours ago

File photo of high school class RICHARD BOUHET/AFP/Getty Images

PASCO County TEACHER Announces SEX CHANGE In Class [Video]

Finally, we can be PROUD of FLORIDA!!! MITCHELL High School social studies teacher, Robert W. Konrad, let it be known — in CLASS — that SOMETHING was about to CHANGE in a BIG way… His [...]

6 hours ago

Drake Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

LISTEN: A TEEN Managed To LEAK A Track Off DRAKE’S New Album

DAMN KIDS!!!! (Aren’t they AWESOME!!!?) No one is quite sure HOW but… A TEEN, in Atlanta, managed to LEAK a track off of DRAKE’S new album View’s From The 6!!! The track is called How [...]


File photo of eye exam Photo by LOCOG via Getty Images

LOOK: Airbag Deployed So FAST It Left IMPRINT On Teen’s EYES

FASTER than the blink of an eye!!! There’s been A LOT of focus on vehicle AIRBAGS as of late.  And, yes, being SLAMMED — in the FACE — at 200 MPH — even with a [...]


Rick Ross Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Warren Sapp BLASTS Rick Ross For Being A LIAR [Video]

The Devil Is A Lie and so is RICK ROSS?! Now, I doubt that ANYONE would accuse Rozay of being 100% TRUTHFUL — I mean — he even took his NAME from someone else.  (The [...]


File photo of woman on beach with dog CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images

Battle For The BOOBS: Dog vs Chick For Her BIKINI Top [Video]

GOOD DOG!!!!! So here we have a cute chick, getting ready to soak up some sun, on the beach. She gets her towel laid down, but a playful DOG has other plans for the afternoon!!!  [...]


Lil Kim Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

LOOK: Lil Kim’s Baby Reminds Us Of How BEAUTIFUL Her FACE Once Was

One thing is for sure, LIL KIM’S face has been Custom Made… The only prob is — she was GORGEOUS before — now — ummmm — well, she looks…different. Any of us who rode — [...]


T.I. Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for PUMA

T.I. Pulls Off PRANK That Makes Grown Men CRY At The MALL [Video]

Oh this time, it was DEF About The Money!!! T.I. is a FUNNY dude.  He also REALLY appreciates his fans.  Put those two things together…and it’s COMEDY gold! Check T.I. with some fans at the [...]


Cam'Ron Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for SoundCTRL/Flash FWD

LMAO: Cam’Ron Has CREATED The Only FUNNY Thing About EBOLA [Photo]

DIPSH*T!!! Since CAM’RON hasn’t been able to SPIT a HIT in a while — he’s trying to BANK — by not getting hit by YOUR spit!!! Killa Cam’s most recent venture — is to capitalize [...]


Missy Elliott SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP/Getty Images

WOW: You HAVE To See What MISSY ELLIOTT Looks Like NOW [Video]

MISSY ELLIOTT looks Supa Dupa Fly!!!! 42-year-old Missy PERFORMED at the Alexander Wang X H&M launch party and KILLED IT!  She rocked a bunch of her hits, including, Lose Control, Get Ur Freak On and [...]



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