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Drake Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

LISTEN: A TEEN Managed To LEAK A Track Off DRAKE’S New Album

DAMN KIDS!!!! (Aren’t they AWESOME!!!?) No one is quite sure HOW but… A TEEN, in Atlanta, managed to LEAK a track off of DRAKE’S new album View’s From The 6!!! The track is called How [...]

18 hours ago

File photo of eye exam Photo by LOCOG via Getty Images

LOOK: Airbag Deployed So FAST It Left IMPRINT On Teen’s EYES

FASTER than the blink of an eye!!! There’s been A LOT of focus on vehicle AIRBAGS as of late.  And, yes, being SLAMMED — in the FACE — at 200 MPH — even with a [...]

19 hours ago

Rick Ross Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Warren Sapp BLASTS Rick Ross For Being A LIAR [Video]

The Devil Is A Lie and so is RICK ROSS?! Now, I doubt that ANYONE would accuse Rozay of being 100% TRUTHFUL — I mean — he even took his NAME from someone else.  (The [...]


File photo of woman on beach with dog CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images

Battle For The BOOBS: Dog vs Chick For Her BIKINI Top [Video]

GOOD DOG!!!!! So here we have a cute chick, getting ready to soak up some sun, on the beach. She gets her towel laid down, but a playful DOG has other plans for the afternoon!!!  [...]


Lil Kim Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

LOOK: Lil Kim’s Baby Reminds Us Of How BEAUTIFUL Her FACE Once Was

One thing is for sure, LIL KIM’S face has been Custom Made… The only prob is — she was GORGEOUS before — now — ummmm — well, she looks…different. Any of us who rode — [...]


T.I. Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for PUMA

T.I. Pulls Off PRANK That Makes Grown Men CRY At The MALL [Video]

Oh this time, it was DEF About The Money!!! T.I. is a FUNNY dude.  He also REALLY appreciates his fans.  Put those two things together…and it’s COMEDY gold! Check T.I. with some fans at the [...]


Cam'Ron Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for SoundCTRL/Flash FWD

LMAO: Cam’Ron Has CREATED The Only FUNNY Thing About EBOLA [Photo]

DIPSH*T!!! Since CAM’RON hasn’t been able to SPIT a HIT in a while — he’s trying to BANK — by not getting hit by YOUR spit!!! Killa Cam’s most recent venture — is to capitalize [...]


Missy Elliott SEBASTIEN BOZON/AFP/Getty Images

WOW: You HAVE To See What MISSY ELLIOTT Looks Like NOW [Video]

MISSY ELLIOTT looks Supa Dupa Fly!!!! 42-year-old Missy PERFORMED at the Alexander Wang X H&M launch party and KILLED IT!  She rocked a bunch of her hits, including, Lose Control, Get Ur Freak On and [...]


Iggy Azalea JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images

Say Happy Friday To IGGY AZALEA And Her Enormous CAMEL TOE [Photo]

Ohhhh maaaan! I can’t wait to see the meme SNOOP DOGG comes up with for THIS!!!!! I dig Iggz!!!! IGGY AZALEA is about as REAL as stars get.  She shops for EGGS — and will [...]


T.I. Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

11 Big STARS Who Beat DEADLY Drug Addictions [Photos]

DRUGS are bad mmmmmmmmkay! Addiction can happen to ANYONE… It doesn’t care about how SMART, rich or cute you are and it doesn’t care how old, what gender or what race you are. We’ve ALL [...]



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