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File photo of a young girl playing basketball. (Photo: PAL PILLAI/AFP/Getty Images)

She Can Do Better Than Some NBA Players [Video]

Here is something that makes you want to be better at playing hoops. Especially when you’re at Chuck-E-Cheese the next time. This is a little Korean girl playing on an arcade game of basketball. Getting a high [...]

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WATCH: The Nuthouse Week 4 NFL Picks

Way to step up this week Nuthouse Nation!!! 5-0 that’s a pretty good week, now let’s see if you can do it again. Here’s the standings so far: Results from Week 3:       [...]


Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images for Hyundai

WATCH: Bad Lip Reading Of The Walking Dead

We’re still two weeks away from the season premier of The Walking Dead and like so many, I can’t wait!!! As a huge fan of the show and of these bad lip reading videos, naturally I [...]


Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

WATCH: The Muppets Cover The Beastie Boys

When you mix The Muppets with the Beastie Boys, you get the perfect #TBT!!! Check out the Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beeker perform the Beastie Boys classic, “So What’cha Want.” Alright, someone added the song to [...]


Photo by Pepe Franco/Cover/Getty Images

A List Of The Oldest Bars In Every State

This is awesome!! If you’re a fan of history and a fan of drinking, then you’re going to love this list. The website looked up the oldest bar, pub, or tavern in each state. [...]


By: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Girl Freaks Out Over Flu Shot [Video]

Michaela goes in to get her flu shot but ends up loosing her cool. I bet there are some grown adults that act like this too. Check out the video below.


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Mary J. Blige Interview [Video]

It’s good to see Mary J. Blige is doing what she loves. It’s even more exciting to see her give us a new album. Her next album is called the “London Sessions”, with the lead single, [...]


(Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

News Anchor Quits On Live TV….. To Sell Weed [Video]

There’s only one word to describe this chick, BOSS!!!!!! I mean if you’re going to quit, why not do it big??? She owns a medical marijuana business in Alaska and is trying to fight for [...]


(Courtesy of Def Jam)

Jhene Aiko On The Today Show Performing “The Pressure” [Video]

With her first album release, Jhene Aiko is taking over the R&B world with her soulful voice. She performed on The Today Show with a nice acoustic set. Just her voice and a guitar player, [...]


Photo by ShowBiz Ireland/Getty Images

Dracula Untold [Trailer]

There is always a beginning to every story. May it be about the good turning bad or the bad turning good. Well this story was about a man wanting to save his family. This is why we [...]



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