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Jhene Aiko On The Today Show Performing “The Pressure” [Video]

With her first album release, Jhene Aiko is taking over the R&B world with her soulful voice. She performed on The Today Show with a nice acoustic set. Just her voice and a guitar player, [...]

20 hours ago

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Dracula Untold [Trailer]

There is always a beginning to every story. May it be about the good turning bad or the bad turning good. Well this story was about a man wanting to save his family. This is why we [...]

20 hours ago

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Adults Try To Do 5th Grade Math [Video]

What do you really remember from junior high school? Yes, think about it, like from history to English to even Math. When was the last time you did a fraction problem? Exactly, you haven’t done [...]

20 hours ago

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Gatorade Says Goodbye To Derek Jeter [Video]

As a Tampa Bay Rays it’s hard for me to like anything about the Yankees! With that being said, Derek Jeter is the exception. The Captain is not only a class act, but he played [...]

21 hours ago


WATCH: The Nuthouse Week 3 NFL Picks

Are you ready for some NFL football picks?  We know you are and we know you can do better then you did last week! Results from Week 2:               [...]


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“Nuthouse Exclusive” Mike Stud – Closer

In case you missed our “Nuthouse Exclusive” last night, here it is. His name is Mike Stud, he sings and raps, and his new track has a very smooth hip hop sound to it. We [...]


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Chris Brown ft. Ariana Grande ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’ [Video]

With Chris Brown’s new album “X” in stores today. He released a new video featuring Ariana Grande called, “Don’t Be Gone To Long”. Chris Brown said that he is taking this album back to his [...]


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Really?! A Cellphone Lane

This is what it’s come to?  A special sidewalk lane for people talking and texting on their phones!!! A city in China has plans to make special lanes for the purpose of increasing public safety. The [...]


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Actress From Django Unchained Pulls Out The Race Card To Cop

There’s not much worse then dropping the “Do you know who I am” card, except for maybe the Race card!! Well this chick named Daniele Watt who played “CoCo” in Django Unchained pulled out a full deck of [...]


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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay [Trailer]

One of the biggest franchise movies is coming to an end. In this case the movie will have a Part 1 & 2, The Hunger Games: “The Mockingjay Lives”. It will be in theatres on [...]



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