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Little Kid Speaks His Mind [Video]

When kids say the darnest things. And we thought that adults come out the mouth side ways. Well this kid right here, does not like the news that his mother has delivered. He was told [...]


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LL Cool J Speaks The Truth [Video]

With all the back to school events going on lately. Here is an event that put together. They asked LL Cool J to speak at this event and he really spoke on today’s situation. He even asked the [...]


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Grandma Doesn’t Understand How A Gay Relationship Works [Video]

I’m done!!!!! This grandmother gets her mind completely blown when her granddaughter tries to explain how a gay relationship works. I give her a lot of credit though, she really tries to understand how sex [...]


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New Spidey Is Childish Gambino [Video]

If you’re a fan of Spiderman and you like hip hop then you’re going to like this. Get ready to hear Childish Gambino’s voice coming out of Miles Morales. He will be the new Spidey but [...]


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Robin Williams Tribute At The Emmys 2014 [Video]

The Emmy’s this year had its ups and downs but that’s any award show. Last night they did something really big and showed respect and love to the late Robin Williams. The tribute was very [...]


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After This Ice Bucket Challenge She’s Going To Need The Ice [Video]

We almost peed ourselves watching this!! Bless your heart for doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and thank you for giving us this hilarious video! You’re going to need some of that ice for that [...]


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Ice Bucket Challenge Fails [Video]

It’s fun doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and all, but it’s even better when actually donate. Some people actually have a tough time doing the challenge. Now I know what you’re thinking “How tough [...]


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Craziest Motorcycle Accident Ever

This is the craziest, most incredible, badass motorcycle accident you’ll ever see! I’ve watched this video over and over, and I’m still blown away. Seriously, if you did this a million times in a row, [...]


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Sneak Peak Of The New Saved By The Bell Movie [Video]

We told you it was coming and here it is, your first look at The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story Lifetime movie! If you’re a Saved By The Bell fan I’m sure you’ll be watching [...]


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Stiffy & Family Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [Video]

My wife & I completed the #icebucketchallenge, it was fun and cold, but most importantly we donated to #ALS, which is the real reason for this whole thing! Watch the video to see who I called out [...]



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