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Lebron’s Son Has Got The Moves Too [Video]

Like father like son is a true statement for Lebron’s son. During a AAU National Championship game Lebron James Jr. did a move like his dad. He ended up scoring 11 points in game and they won. Check [...]

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Check Out This Crazy Free Fall Ride [Video]

I’m all about roller coasters and some thrill rides, but this is nuts!! This ride in Denmark is called the “Sky Tower” and you free fall 100ft at 55MPH!!!! Here’s the crazy part. The only [...]

18 hours ago

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Skydive Slip N Slide [Video]

I have absolutely no desire to go skydiving, EVER!! But if one day If happen to change my mind and decide to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I want to do this. – [...]


Coachella Crowd (Photo by Trixie Textor/Getty Images for Coachella)

Teenagers Gets A Record Deal Worth $1 Million Dollars (Video)

While some of you kids are in the streets goofing off or playing video games. These teenagers just scored a record deal over one million dollars. Unlocking The Truth are guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse (13), bassist Alec [...]


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National Nude Day [Video]

Nudist have a holiday??? Either way they are doing what they want, and that’s claiming National Nude Day. Its been celebrate in more than 30 countries. Fake or not I’m down with it but I’m not [...]


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Did He Just Spit On His Help? [Video]

This thug really wasn’t on the same level as his public defender while in court. Since he was hand-cuffed he did the next best thing in his eyes, and spit on his public defender. I’m [...]


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Weird Al Yankovic “Tacky” [Video]

He’s the king of parodies with Eat It, Amish Paradise, and White & Nerdy to name a few. Well Weird Al is back with a new album which drops tomorrow called Mandatory Fun. He’s also releasing 8 videos in [...]



Marvel Universe LIVE Is Almost Here [Video]

We’re only one week away until over 25 of our favorite MARVEL Super Heroes & Villains come to life at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. I’ve been showing you pictures and telling you guys how [...]


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Horrible Bosses 2 Trailer [Video]

The Boys are back!! Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are dealing with their bosses again. But this time, they’re working on kidnapping plan so they can take over a company. This is one of [...]


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Dracula Untold Trailer [Video]

It’s no surprise that we love movies in the Nuthouse and this new spin on Dracula looks very interesting!! In this version you’ll see Dracula turn into a vampire to help protect people. It’s a [...]