Dr. Adams Spring Honor Roll

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Normally the Honor Roll is for students with A’s and B’s, but at WiLD 94.1 our Spring Break Honor Roll is going to take students with A’s and B’s and make them C and D students!

WiLD 94.1 is teaming up once again with Dr. William Adams, that’s Dean Adams to all you “students”, and giving away FOUR breast augmentations to move you to the C and D Honor Roll this Spring.


Here’s how you can win:

1)      Submit your transcripts to Dean Adams and the WiLD 94.1 faculty for review below.  Please be sure to include a photo, your current GPA (bust size), and tell us “Why you deserve to join the WiLD 94.1 Spring Break Honor Roll” in the text area.  Deadline to enter is Wednesday, March 27th at 5:00pm.


2)      Listen Monday through Thursday at approximately 9:15am, beginning on Monday, March 4th,as Orlando and The Freakshow announce the times for that day Dean Adams will be calling “students” to his office for their academic review.  *Note:  Be sure to write down the times each day that we will be announcing names of finalists (up to 7 per day).


3)      Call 1-888-429-0941 if you hear YOUR name called!  Each “student” announced will have 9 minutes and 41 seconds (9:41) to call in to become a finalist for that week’s grand prize.


4)      Honor Roll Selection Each Friday beginning March 8th, Orlando and The Freakshow will select one finalist from that week’s finalists and announce at approximately 9:05am.  They will have 9 minutes and 41 seconds (9:41) to call 1-888-429-0941 and join WiLD 94.1’s Spring Break Honor Roll and win a breast augmentation courtesy of Dr. William Adams!


For more information about Dr. William Adams:

Dr. William Adams Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

2299 9th Avenue North

Suite 2-C

St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Phone:  727.328.2299



Must be 21 to enter

Photos must be jpeg

One entry per person

Photos must be from the chest up and be taken in a bikini, modest bra or other covering.  *Any nude or explicit entries will automatically be disqualified.

Please note, you will only have ONE chance to enter all the information, be sure to attach your photo and complete the registration form entirely including the text area on “Why you deserve to win”.

Any questions, please contact the WiLD 94.1 Promotions Department at jjpaone@cbsradio.com

Submit your photo below and tell us why you deserve to be on the Spring Break Honor Roll!



Photo MUST be a JPEG.


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