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VIDEO: Beluga Whale Plays Peek-A-Boo With Kids

We all love cute animal videos and this one is super adorable! A Beluga whale at an aquarium in Connecticut noticed two small children and started playing peek-a-boo with them! You’ve got to see this […]


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Free Dental Exams For Children Pinellas County

The Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County will provide FREE dental exams and X-rays today!!! They’re conducting free exams today for children and teens ages 4 to 18… Check out the two locations below! […]


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These 6 And 7 Year Old WORLD CHAMPION Salsa Dancers Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

Presentación de los bailarines de salsa más pequeños y más espectaculares del mundo! These CHILDREN will BLOW YOUR MIND!!! Meet SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Kevin and SIX-YEAR-OLD Beverly;  Just a couple of normal kids, from New Jersey, who […]


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Angry School Bus Driver Uses N-Word, Throws Keys At Student And Abandons Children On Highway [Video]

Using this logic — the next time I get a rude caller — I’m straight WALKING OUT of the radio station!!!???? A MIDDLE school bus driver became ENRAGED — because the CHILDREN were being LOUD […]


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AUDIO: Teaching Your Young Kids To Budget Money

A parent called in and explained that his two older children weren’t raised right so they want to try something different with the last kid in the house. Their youngest kid is a freshman in high school […]


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AUDIO: Lies To Kids

Ever had to lie to your kids about doing something adult? Messing around in the bedroom or even smoking something? Well took calls from parents that had to tell their kid a lie because telling […]


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AUDIO: Confession – Leaving The Kids At Home To Party

A mother of two confessed that she really wanted to go out and party for Gasparilla and leave her two children at home alone. She has an 11-year-old who would babysit her other 4-year-old child. […]


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Facebook Should Be Renamed ‘Babybook’

Did you know over two-thirds of parents ONLY use Facebook to post about their kids??? You may have had to unfriend someone because of it in the past… Almost 60% of people have had to block […]



AUDIO: Giving Your Kid NyQuil On A Plane

If you had to go on a long flight with your young child would you consider giving them a teaspoon of NyQuil? Some of us actually thought it was okay! Listen to this great audio […]


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What Does The Fox Say: New Children’s Book

We have the BEST new Christmas present for the kids! You know that weird but addictive Youtube video ‘What Does The Fox Say?’ Well it’s been turned into a new children’s book that will be […]




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