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Okay, that’s it!!  My SEVEN-YEAR-OLD is getting a J O B!!! Really, though, this is insanely DISTURBING!!! Sheriff’s deputies, in Texas, had been tracking a 41-year-old MOTHER-of-four — who sold COCAINE — as her home-based-business.  […]


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Little Kid Speaks His Mind [Video]

When kids say the darnest things. And we thought that adults come out the mouth side ways. Well this kid right here, does not like the news that his mother has delivered. He was told […]


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Mom Left Son In Car For 4 Hours While Drinking At Bar

A 36-year-old mother decided to leave her son in the car for hours so she could drink at a bar! The mother was arrested and charged with DUI after she allegedly backed her Mercedes into […]


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AUDIO: Confession – Girl In Bathtub Sends Pics On Son’s Phone

We had a crazy confession! A mother went through her son’s cell phone and noticed a couple of sexy photos sent from a girl in a bubble bath… She called her mother to let her know […]


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Epic Mother-Son Dance Floors Wedding Guests [Video]

This bride is LUCKY!  An awesome hubby almost NEVER comes with an equally awesome MOTHER-IN-LAW!!! We’ve now come to the part of the wedding reception where I usually hit up the BAR or bathroom.  Sure, […]


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Mother Bites Off Pit Bull’s Ear To Save Two-Year-Old Daughter During Attack [Video]

BEWARE OF MOM!!!! A family was dog-sitting their neighbor’s pit bull.  A “friendly” dog who was nice to everyone.  Everyone except the two-year-old girl in the family. As soon as the pit smelled little Mackenzi, […]


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AUDIO: I’m Not Giving My Baby The Father’s Last Name

A pregnant listener had an on-and-off again relationship with her baby’s daddy… They’re back together and she’s about to give birth but because they’ve had such a rocky relationship she doesn’t want to give her baby […]



Mother Throws Herself Under Runaway Car And Saves Twin Daughters [Video]

NEVER underestimate what a MOTHER will do to save her children. A 22-year-old mother — is LUCKY to be ALIVE — after using herself as a HUMAN SPEED BUMP in order to SAVE her twin […]


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Kris Jenner SEX TAPE Extortion Plot

Kris Jenner is trying to get herself out of a HUGE sex tape extortion plot and has finally got the police involved! A man is claiming he has  a sex tape starring the Keeping Up […]


(Photo credit should read ORLANDO SIERRA/AFP/GettyImages)

AUDIO: Confession – Can’t Control 15-year-old Son

We had a pretty serious confession! A mother isn’t sure how to control her 15-year-old son anymore and she’s starting to get scared by him. Her son’s just got out of juvy and keeps getting […]




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