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AUDIO: I’m Not Giving My Baby The Father’s Last Name

A pregnant listener had an on-and-off again relationship with her baby’s daddy… They’re back together and she’s about to give birth but because they’ve had such a rocky relationship she doesn’t want to give her baby […]



Mother Throws Herself Under Runaway Car And Saves Twin Daughters [Video]

NEVER underestimate what a MOTHER will do to save her children. A 22-year-old mother — is LUCKY to be ALIVE — after using herself as a HUMAN SPEED BUMP in order to SAVE her twin […]


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Kris Jenner SEX TAPE Extortion Plot

Kris Jenner is trying to get herself out of a HUGE sex tape extortion plot and has finally got the police involved! A man is claiming he has  a sex tape starring the Keeping Up […]


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AUDIO: Confession – Can’t Control 15-year-old Son

We had a pretty serious confession! A mother isn’t sure how to control her 15-year-old son anymore and she’s starting to get scared by him. Her son’s just got out of juvy and keeps getting […]


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Two Year Old Uses FaceTime To Save Mother’s Life [Video]

THIS is why you MUST let your kids “play” on your PHONE!!! A mother was home, alone, with her four-year-old daughters and two-year-old son. A dog, she was fostering, got into a fight with one […]


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55% Of Mothers Seek Their Daughters’ Approval Before Buying Clothing

Over fifty percent of mothers ask their daughters approval before buying clothing! Are you one of these women that does this? Mother’s will check and ask if what they are about to buy is age […]


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AUDIO: Moms Are Eating Their Placenta

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Some doctors say that this is a great idea! Mother’s that have just given birth should eat their placenta to help with postpartum depression and to even out hormones. Would you ever eat your […]


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Sexy Fit Mom Posts Picture With Her Kids – Cue The Haters

A fitness trainer in California is coming under some serious Facebook fire because of a photo that she posted on the social media site. The mother of three posted a picture of herself with each […]


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Watch Cops Raid Home And Threaten Mother And Sons Over Fine [Video]

I was just gonna blow off this $35 parking ticket — but now — I’m too f**kin’ scared!!! A Georgia family is peacefully sleeping — at 1:30 in the morning — when they are suddenly […]


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AUDIO: Confessions – Lingerie Around The Kids

We had a mother write us about her love for lingerie! Even around the kids she thinks it’s important to find your sexy with your husband. Do you think it’s acceptable to wear lingerie around […]