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New App Will Tell You If Your Butt Looks Big In Those Jeans

A new app called Okay Fashion pairs you with real, live ‘fashion advisors’ who tell you the truth about your outfit. You post a picture, and your fashion dilemma, and they give you honest feedback. […]


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New Dating Show Called “Sex Box”

We TV network has ordered a dating show called “Sex Box”… It follows real couples whose relationships are on the rocks. And the couples have sex in a soundproof box and immediately afterward, they address […]


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Justin Bieber’s New Jump Off Is From FLORIDA And Still In HIGH SCHOOL [Video – Photos]

Makes ya feel OLD now that JUSTIN BIEBER is dating YOUNGER girls!!!! Since it seems that SELENA GOMEZ has moved on — with ORLANDO BLOOM — Biebs has been on the search for some STRANGE!!! […]


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New App Lets Drivers Pay To Take Someone Else’s Parking Spot

A new app called Monkey Parking allows drivers to save a lot of time when looking for a parking spot! This new app lets drivers buy a spot from someone who’s already in it!!! You […]


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VIDEO: Dad With Alzheimer’s Regains Speech Helping Family Dog

A New Mexico woman whose father lost most of his speech due to Alzheimer’s, says spending time with the family pet has made it possible for him to hold short conversations. He couldn’t talk for […]


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Check The Most Insane New Roller Coasters In The Country; One Is In ORLANDO [Photos]

Will I need new drawz and a neck brace when it’s over?!  Count me in!!! It’s going to be a STELLAR year if you’re an adrenaline junkie! Theme parks, across the nation, are set to […]


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Kanye West Raps About Impregnating “Trophy Wife” In Future’s New Song

Future’s new song is called ‘I Won’ and Kanye raps about putting an angel in Kim’s ultrasound. He also raps that he wants to dip that booty in gold and even mentions her sisters. On […]


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‘Naked Dating’ Coming To Reality TV

VH1 is stripping and it’s all for love! This will be a 10-episode series where a man and woman will date two different naked people at the same time. This new show strips down everything […]


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Meet Simon Cowell’s Newborn Son [Photos]

I KNEW there had to be a little SWEETNESS in old Simon!!! SIMON COWELL is now proud papa to a little boy — born on Valentine’s Day — to girlfriend/ex-wife of his ex-best friend, Lauren […]


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Quit Your Job With This New App

Want to quit your job??? Here’s the perfect new App for you! It’s called the Quit Your Job iPhone app and it’s ready for download now… If you don’t want to talk directly to your […]




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