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Study: Women Feel Old And Ugly On Wednesdays

Many women feel older and uglier on Wednesdays, according to a new study of British women by cosmetics company St Tropez. A combination of partying on the weekend and lack of sleep and stress over […]


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Whitney Houston Portrait Made Entirely of Pills [Photo]

Jason Mecier’s art is TRASH…no seriously.  Dude is best know for taking weird stuff and turning it into amazing celeb portraits.  Among his works, is the controversial series of Hollywood royalty, who have struggled with […]


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Pricasso PAINTS Portraits With His PENIS [Video]

Meet PRICASSO…a BONE-i-fied ARTIST who cashes in by putting his PR**K in your FACE! Painting your FACE with his PR**K!!!  I don’t know if I’d drop $200 on one of these ASS-terpieces butt…watching did get […]



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