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Channing Tatum Wrestling Men In ‘Out Magazine’

Most actors have to take jobs they regret later just so they can pay the bills and Channing Tatum is no different. Back in the day, Channing was featured wrestling with another man in Out Magazine just […]


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Guy Drizzled Melted Gummy Bears On Wife Gives Her 3rd Degree Burn

Lots of people try new things in the bedroom and nothing bad happens… Except for this Tennessee couple who ended up in the Emergency Room! This couple decided to melt a giant cherry gummy bear, […]


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Nick Cannon Tells All [Video]

Nick Cannon is #1 man on all social medias because of him turning himself into a white person. Promoting his new album White People Party Music, an he’s not racist. Its great to see that […]


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Adding To Lindsay Lohan’s List Of Celebrity ‘Lovers’

Lindsay Lohan was allegedly hanging out with some girlfriends when she decided to share 36 men she had SEX with! A lot of the names were blurred-out but now they’re being unveiled! Before the list included: Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Zac Efron, […]


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Kris Jenner SEX TAPE Extortion Plot

Kris Jenner is trying to get herself out of a HUGE sex tape extortion plot and has finally got the police involved! A man is claiming he has  a sex tape starring the Keeping Up […]


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OMG Lindsay Lohan Hand-Wrote The Names Of 36 Big Celebs She’s Smashed [Photos]

Boy, I bet these dudes all wish they had a SHAME ERASER!!! LINDSAY LOHAN has been working really hard — at staying RELEVANT — to no avail. So, it makes sense that her latest attempt […]


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9 Celebrity Sex Tapes No One Wanted To See

Ummm I’d really love to watch your SMASH SESSION but I just scratched out my own eyes!!! CELEBRITY SEX TAPE those three words have the power to AROUSE far more than just our curiosity! Images […]


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The Lightest-Ever Breast Implants Are Here!

Say goodbye to saggy breast implants ladies! There’s a new breast implant on the market that’s 30% lighter and will cause less sagginess for women. It’s called the B-lite implant and is a silicone shell filled with minute […]


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AUDIO: Slept With My Friend’s Son

Could you ever forgive your best friend if she ended up sleeping with your son??? Well, that exactly what happened in this confession! They’ve been friend for a very long time and she ended up […]


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AUDIO: Extra Sex On Valentine’s Day

When it’s Valentine’s Day are you doing extra stuff in the bedroom? Well, Orlando thinks that ladies should be doing all that extra stuff every single day! Not just saving it for Valentine’s Day!?! When it comes […]