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PASCO County TEACHER Announces SEX CHANGE In Class [Video]

Finally, we can be PROUD of FLORIDA!!! MITCHELL High School social studies teacher, Robert W. Konrad, let it be known — in CLASS — that SOMETHING was about to CHANGE in a BIG way… His […]

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AUDIO: STD Roll Call Confessions

110 people in America have an STD which means its way more than you initially thought! We’re talking one in every three people your hanging out with has had or has an STD at any […]


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AUDIO: Dating Someone Outside Of Your Looks

Some women enjoy dating men out of their league but one woman confessed that it bothered her so much that she ended a relationship! Mark agreed that he only wanted to date chicks that were […]


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Who HIT It FIRST: The Hip Hop SMASH Chart [Photos]

Hate to break it to ya RAY J but you def did not Hit It First!!! HIP HOP is like high school; the most popular kids pass each other around for SEX and slander! In […]


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Sarah Jessica Parker Confirms Third “Sex And The City” Movie In Works

Sarah Jessica Parker apparently confirmed that a third “Sex and the City” movie is in the works!!! Jennifer Hudson said producers are in talks for a third movie last week and Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed […]


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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Expecting Their First Child

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have confirmed they are expecting their first baby. 27-year-old Lively posted several pics of pregnant women on her website and then posted a lovely image of herself smiling down at […]


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‘7th Heaven’ Dad Stephen Collins Confesses to Child Molestation

WOAAAAHHHH!!! Do you remember Stephen Collins!? The actor who played the pastor/dad on the show 7th Heaven back int he day?! Well, he just confessed to his estranged wife that he was a child molester […]


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AUDIO: How Did You Catch Your Man Cheating?

There’s a terrible rumor that Amber Rose walked in on Wiz Khalifa having a threesome with twins! That’s got to be one of the worst ways a man has ever gotten caught by his wife […]


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Orlando High School Student Wore Trojan Condom Outfit

An Orlando high school student wore a Trojan condom outfit to class on “character day” was told to take it off because it was inappropriate… he was just trying to promote safe-sex to his classmates. […]


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AUDIO: Davy Dreams Of Having A Threesome With Meredith

Davy confessed he had a deep dark dirty secret the other day… HE HAD A SEX DREAM WITH MEREDITH! It wasn’t just a nasty sex dream it was a threesome with her fiance! Meredith was […]




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