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AUDIO: Confession – Oops The Condom Broke

So the worst thing in the world just happened! A guy had a one night stand and after everything was finished he noticed that the condom broke! It was a one night stand so he […]


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Are Drones The Future Of Porn For Women?

The next idea in porn targeted towards women? Using a drone to film incredible landscapes, and then zooming up to a couple having sex in public. One Brooklyn production group is already using drone cameras […]


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Orlando & The Freakshow’s Pre-Sex Questionnaire

Before you hook up with your one night stand The Freakshow has put together a questionnaire you should send your future partner before sex. 50 Cent has been rumored to have a similar sex contract […]


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25 Insane SEX Spots You MUST Try [Photos]

Nothing KILLS a relationship faster than bedroom BOREDOM… …so take the SMASHIN’ to the STREETS (or parking lot, or fitting room, or balcony…) Look, I know you’re WiLD — but WiLD feels sooo much better […]


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AUDIO: Confession – Relationship Jumpers

We had a listener confess that they jump from one relationship to the next and can’t seem to stop. Everyone has ‘that’ friend who’s never single and is always in a relationship. Listen to this […]


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YTF Is Farrah Abraham Dressed As ELSA From ‘FROZEN’ While Selling SEX TOYS [Photos]

Let It Go, ho. Leave it to Teen Mom — and backdoor PORN queen FARRAH ABRAHAM — to take something INNOCENT and turn it HOLESOME!!! For reasons completely UNKNOWN, the 23-year-old chose to dress as […]


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AUDIO: Confession – Wife Wants Too Much Sex

A wife is wanting to do the dirty too often and her husband is getting upset about it. She’s been wanting all sexual relations out in public including the park and it’s making her husband […]


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PASCO County TEACHER Announces SEX CHANGE In Class [Video]

Finally, we can be PROUD of FLORIDA!!! MITCHELL High School social studies teacher, Robert W. Konrad, let it be known — in CLASS — that SOMETHING was about to CHANGE in a BIG way… His […]


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AUDIO: STD Roll Call Confessions

110 people in America have an STD which means its way more than you initially thought! We’re talking one in every three people your hanging out with has had or has an STD at any […]


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AUDIO: Dating Someone Outside Of Your Looks

Some women enjoy dating men out of their league but one woman confessed that it bothered her so much that she ended a relationship! Mark agreed that he only wanted to date chicks that were […]




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