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AUDIO: Big Sean’s Ex-Girlfriend Got Married

Big Sean’s ex-girlfriend Naya Rivera recently married her long time friend but she only waited three months between the breakup and her marriage. Orlando had a HUGE problem with Naya moving on that fast because she only waited three […]


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AUDIO: What Have You Used Instead Of A Condom During Sex?

If you want to get down but don’t have any condoms what have you used instead? Snooki admitted during the first time she had sex she used Saran Wrap instead of a condom… Some of the […]


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First Condom Designed To Kill HIV, Herpes & HPV

A new condom designed to kill the HIV virus could be available to buy within months! The VivaGel condom is designed to be effective in destroying 99.9% of HIV, herpes and HPV that causes genital […]


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AUDIO: Drake Is A Sex Freak!

A groupie is telling-all about the evening she hooked up with Drake! She went into detail about how large he was down stairs and even mentioned something else… Drake enjoys… well… we can’t really tell you […]



A Couple Gets Caught Having Sex On Top Of A Chipotle! Wow!

That’s right. In Delaware of all places a 42 year old man, and a 27 year old woman were caught having sexual intercourse on top of a Chipotle of all places! So crazy! Where is […]


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Mariah Carey Photoshopped Before & After Images

Photographer Terry Richardson shot Mariah Carey for the summer London’s Wonderland Magazine and something kind of looks off?!? A lot of the photos were touched up! Websites busted Richardson having Mariah’s skintone bronzed, her jawline brought […]


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Eva Mendes Is Pregnant With Ryan Gosling’s Baby

Women are crying everywhere! Eva Mendes is reportedly very pregnant with actor Ryan Gosling’s child. How pregnant you ask? The 40-year-old actress is seven months along!!! And they haven’t even made a offical statement yet! […]


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Study: Men Become ‘Invisible’ And Lose Sex Appeal At 39

At 39 years old, men lose their sex appeal and become “invisible” to women… A new study found that men lose their sex appeal when they’re about to turn 40. 53% said that the biggest […]


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10 Hot Celebrities Who Lost Their V-Cards Late in Life

1. Tina Fey – She didn’t lose her virginity until age 24 and that man became her husband! 2. Adriana Lima – Saved herself for marriage until the age of 27 when she married NBA […]


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Ewww You Can Now Have Actual SEX With Your iPad [Video]

Okay – why is my iPad all STICKY?!  AGAIN?! I guess giving one’s self a HANDY is sooooo 2013!!! Introducing the Fleshlight Launchpad for your iPad???!!! There’s no way to sugar-coat it so here goes: […]