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Send your sympathy note to Sandy Hook Elementary

Sometimes a soft word can uplift a spirit.  The Freak Show has jumped on the “26 acts of kindness in memory of the Sandy Hook victims.”  Although hand writing a note may be old school […]


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A Poem For Your Heart Following The Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

Our Listener, Christine Kimball called in this Morning and shared a poem she wrote for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary. May this poem bless your hearts the way it did ours. Did you know? […]


Ever Thought About Dating Your Doctor?

Our confession this Morning came from a lady who wanted to know if it was ok to date her doctor.  Her podiatrist went into her files to retrieve her number and cold called our confessor […]


(Photo: Alex Tirado)

Davy’s Drawer Drama

Davy has been kickin’ it with a girl recently and he’s noticed that she has started a bad habit.  Davy’s friend has been leaving things behind like earrings, hair ties, and a toothbrush.  Sarah Lee […]



Scaryoke: Unbreak My Heart

Cephus and Cream sang a throw back from Toni Braxton “Unbreak My Heart.” If you missed it, turn your radio all the way up and click the link below. Click To Play


47th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - ACM Experience - Day 1

Kids With Guns

The gift giving season is here and The Freak Show has a gift etiquette question.  Do you let your kids play with toy guns?  Do you think kids playing with guns teaches kids a bad […]



Ed Confesses He Has Couvade Syndrome

Special Ed wanted to share some very personal information about himself this Morning during. Special Ed blames his weight issues on Couvade Syndrome, also known as pregnancy sympathy pains. Wikipedia Definition: Couvade syndrome, also called […]


Bruno Mars at 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Check out Bruno Mars performing at the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show. He was rockin’ the runway with all of the Victoria’s Secret Angels!



Dear Santa… Is Your Kid Naughty or Nice

It’s that time of year where kids are getting evaluations from Santa!! This Morning parents called in to confess how naughty or nice their kid has been all year. Snitch on your kids so we […]


Cop Etiquette

Have you ever been behind a cop at a red light and once the light turns green the cop doesn’t go?  The Freak Show wanted to know the proper cop etiquette. Do you blow the […]




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