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WATCH: How To Wrap A Gift In Less Than 30 SECONDS

Merry TIME-SAVER!!! Tonight kicks of HANUKKAH — which means EIGHT nights of gift giving — that ends just in time for CHRISTMAS!!!! Christmas, of course, means even more PRESENTS. So after I’ve cooked, decorated and […]


Kanye West  PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

WATCH: The Ultimate Kanye West SPAZ-RANT Super-Cut

I just told you who I though I was…a GOD – KANYE WEST Yeezus certainly isn’t one to pull punches, but that mouth of his is PAINFUL!!! Mr. West is as famous — for his […]


Amber Rose Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

BUSTED: Nick Cannon FAILS Lie Detector About SMASHING Amber Rose

The STUTTER is real… On September 23, I told you that NICK CANNON was “managing” (to get in the PANTS of) AMBER ROSE. The denials IMMEDIATELY came rolling in — even though — Nick and […]


Busta Rhymes FADEL/AFP/Getty Images

WATCH: Busta Rhymes Bust His FACE Falling OFF Stage

BREAK YA NECK!!!! BUSTA RHYMES turned up, at an O.T. GENASIS show, and got waaaay tooooo TURNT UP!!! Bus-A-Bus SURPRISED fans when he ran out on stage and started bangin’ his head to CoCo; he […]


File photo of ice cream SAJJAD HUSSAIN/AFP/Getty Images

IDIOT: Watch What Kind Of SIZZURP Young Thug Pours On His ICE CREAM

All he’s missing are the SEIZURES on top!!!! Seems YOUNG THUG is tardy to the PROMETHAZINE party! Remember when all the RAPPERS were sippin’ on dat SIZZURP — til they started SEIZIN’ on dat sizzurp […]


File photo of marijuana Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

These Three GRANDMAS Getting HIGH For The FIRST Time Will MAKE Your Weekend

Welcome to Washington — where it’s now LEGAL — to get your GRANDMA zooted out of her mind!!! So, some dude found three really OLD ladies — who had NEVER smoked WEED before — and […]


Nicki Minaj  Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We’ve Got SEXED UP Nicki Minaj [Pics] For DAYS

CHRISTMAS came EARLY this year…and YOU might too…. NICKI MINAJ blesses Instagram — on the DAILY — with her ample T & A; but who has time to continuously catch the feed?! WE DO!!! (Actually, […]


File photo of rollercoaster PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images

Check The 500 Foot SKYSCRAPER Roller Coaster In ORLANDO [Video]

I’ll just go ahead and file this under HELL TO THE NAW!!!!! The ROLLER COASTER industry is INSANE — always attempting to OUT-DO one another — trying to be the fastest, or the longest, thrill-ride […]


File photo of Tarzan toys  STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP/Getty Images

All I Want For Christmas Is This MASTURBATING Tarzan TOY [Video]

…And he comes WITHOUT Jane… When I was a kid, my dad and I would read the TARZAN comics.  I LOVED his monkey, CHEETAH, and would fantasize about living in the jungle, swinging from trees […]


Young Thug Rick Diamond/Getty Images for PUMA


…And we still have NO idea WTF he’s saying… So here’s YOUNG THUG, laying shirtless on his bed, with a BLUNT jammed in his grill. He holds up a $100 bill and MUMBLES something. He […]




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