File photo of corset  CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images

WTF: Check This Chick’s 16 INCH Waist [Video]

Well, we know who WON’T be suckin’ back the Halloween candy this year… Kelly Lee Dekay has NO desire to look like anyone else — so you can save the “that’s so UNNATURAL” comments — […]

16 hours ago

File photo of pumpkins SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP/Getty Images

WATCH: How To Turn A Real PUMPKIN Into A Killer KEG

…and throw the BEST Halloween party EVER!!!! Sure, carving a pumpkin into a scary face is fun — but FILLING one with Sam Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin BEER and using it as a KEG […]

17 hours ago

Lil Wayne Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

25 FREAKY Facts About LIL WAYNE [Videos]

All hail SHRIMP DADDY?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt LIL WANYE has packed a hella’lotta livin’ into his 32 years. If you’re a Weezy fan, then you probably think you know ery’thang there is to know about the […]


Drake Photo by Tyler Kaufman/NBAE via Getty Images

WATCH: Drake Get PISSED And Throw THOUSANDS Of Dollars On The GROUND

Next time DRAKE comes through I’m gonna hella PISS HIM OFF…and then I’ll be RICH!!! Drizzy celebrated his birthday, over the weekend, and THREW all his cash in the process. The rumor is, while partying […]


File photo of pep rally TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

TEACHER Caught On [VIDEO] Giving ORAL SEX To STUDENT During Pep Rally

…And it was her FIRST day… A 22-year-old SUBSTITUTE teacher was called, to work at a high school in Washington D.C., and boy did she get EXCITED!!! A 17-year-old student — became HOT for teacher […]


File photo of high school class RICHARD BOUHET/AFP/Getty Images

PASCO County TEACHER Announces SEX CHANGE In Class [Video]

Finally, we can be PROUD of FLORIDA!!! MITCHELL High School social studies teacher, Robert W. Konrad, let it be known — in CLASS — that SOMETHING was about to CHANGE in a BIG way… His […]


Rick Ross Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Warren Sapp BLASTS Rick Ross For Being A LIAR [Video]

The Devil Is A Lie and so is RICK ROSS?! Now, I doubt that ANYONE would accuse Rozay of being 100% TRUTHFUL — I mean — he even took his NAME from someone else.  (The […]


File photo of woman on beach with dog CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP/Getty Images

Battle For The BOOBS: Dog vs Chick For Her BIKINI Top [Video]

GOOD DOG!!!!! So here we have a cute chick, getting ready to soak up some sun, on the beach. She gets her towel laid down, but a playful DOG has other plans for the afternoon!!!  […]


T.I. Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for PUMA

T.I. Pulls Off PRANK That Makes Grown Men CRY At The MALL [Video]

Oh this time, it was DEF About The Money!!! T.I. is a FUNNY dude.  He also REALLY appreciates his fans.  Put those two things together…and it’s COMEDY gold! Check T.I. with some fans at the […]


File photo of DNA swab Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

TAMPA Parents OUTRAGED Over DNA Tests Taken At SCHOOL Without Their Consent [Video]

…and now a generation will be raised to DISTRUST the POLICE… THREE mothers — of students at WHARTON High School — are OUTRAGED because they claim COPS pulled their sons out of class — and […]




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